Rand Paul Begins 'Exodus From Big Tech,' Reveals He Is Leaving YouTube: 'They Just Want My Silence'


Sen. Rand Paul (R-Ky.) says he is beginning an “exodus” from “Big Tech” platforms, starting with what he believes is the “worst” when it comes to alleged censorship.

In an op-ed published by the Washington Examiner on Monday, Paul wrote, “Every year, people resolve to do things that are better for their health — quitting alcohol, processed food, toxic relationships. I have come to the realization that my relationship with YouTube is dysfunctional.”

“Sure, I can get millions of views. But why should I allow anonymous ‘fact-checkers’ to censor my fully sourced, fact-based content? They don’t want to challenge or debate me with opposing views, they just want my silence,” he continued.

The Kentucky senator noted that “everyone complains about Big Tech,” he added, “Many in Congress, on the Left and the Right, want to break up or regulate Big Tech, but few of these loud voices have actually stepped up and quit using Big Tech.”

He went on to reveal that he will “begin an exodus from Big Tech” and “will no longer post videos on YouTube unless it is to criticize them or announce that viewers can see my content on”

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The reason Paul said he will start his “exodus” by not posting videos to YouTube is because they are the “worst censors.”

“Any time I state that cloth masks do not stop the virus from spreading, as in this Denmark study, Florida school comparison, and Vietnamese study, YouTube deletes the video. I always cite studies and scientific sources such as those listed here, but instead of allowing free and open debate with others who might argue flaws in those studies or cite opposing ones, YouTube simply silences me,” he wrote.

The senator claimed, “We have abandoned science and rational debate for an almost religious adherence to the edicts of government bureaucrats like Anthony Fauci. To challenge the data is to be a ‘denier’ or ‘conspiracist’ who must be silenced.”

“An entire generation of young people, who use these platforms exclusively for their news, will never read or hear of opinions or ideas that challenge the Big Government / Big Tech orthodox,” Paul continued.

He added, “If they do happen to see, for example, an article claiming that the coronavirus could have originated with a lab leak in Wuhan, it is quickly condemned as ‘debunked’ or a ‘conspiracy’ by the invisible, all-knowing ‘fact-checkers’ employed by Big Tech. Until of course, it isn’t — but by then, it’s too late, public attention has moved on, the damage done.”

Finally, Paul called for “those of us who believe that truth comes from disputation and that the marketplace of ideas is a prerequisite for innovation” to “shun the close-minded censors of Big Tech and take our ideas elsewhere.”

“About half of the public leans right. If we all took our messaging to outlets of free exchange, we could cripple Big Tech in a heartbeat. So, today I take my first step toward denying my content to Big Tech. Hopefully, other liberty lovers will follow,” he added.

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