Pelosi Says Dems Will ‘Wholeheartedly’ Support Whoever the Nominee Is

House Speaker Nancy Pelosi (D-Calif.) sought to put to rest questions about how supportive she would be of Sen. Bernie Sanders (Vt.) if he won the Democratic presidential nomination.

During her weekly press conference on Thursday, Pelosi said her caucus would “wholeheartedly” support whoever the nominee is.

“Contrary to what you may be hearing or writing, we are all unified. Whoever the nominee is of our party, we will wholeheartedly support.”

Watch the video below:

As Sanders has emerged as the front-runner for the Democratic nomination, moderate Democratic members of Congress have reportedly grown anxious that he could hurt their chances at re-election.

During the Democratic debate on Feb. 25, former South Bend, Ind. Mayor Pete Buttigieg warned that Sanders would not only lose the race for the White House but also cost Democrats their majority in the House, as IJR has previously reported.

Rep. Jim Clyburn (D-S.C.), who has endorsed former Vice President Joe Biden, also said Sanders would be a “burden” for down-ballot candidates across the country. 

However, on Thursday, Pelosi dismissed fears that Sanders would harm Democratic candidates’ chances.

“Our responsibility is to win the House. We know how to win, we’ve demonstrated that in the most gerrymandered, voter suppressed political arena you can name. And yet, we net gained 40 seats in the last election. By owning the ground with our mobilization, not yielding one grand of sand. By a message of bold, progressive agenda that was mainstream and non-menacing.”

Additionally, Pelosi noted that “the presidential is its own race” and she is focused on making sure that members of her caucus win re-election.

“Our responsibility is to make sure that those who were elected last time return to Congress, keep the majority, and add to our numbers.”

On Wednesday, Pelosi signaled that she would be comfortable if Sanders won the nomination, and added that she was not concerned about that possibility. 

While Pelosi has said she is not concerned, some Democrats have said they are worried that Sanders would lose the election to Trump and cost the party its majority in the House. 

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  1. Where Bernie’s forthrightness fails is this. Sticking “democratic” in front of socialism does not make it either better or something else. “Democratic” Nazism anyone?

    The Democratic People’s Republic of North Korea. Chew on that NOT Democracy.

    1. This clearly shows that you really are confused by political ideologies.

      Socialism is not the same as social democratism nor the same as democratic socialism.

      Until you recognize this, you will remain confused.

      1. Please enlighten EVERYONE here by explaining the differences.

        Note that bringing up the Nordic countries is a lie as not one of them is a socialist, democratic or otherwise, society but free-market. Why? They discovered that socialist policies were stunting their economies and hurting their people.

        1. I have tried to “enlighten” you and Confused James The Projectionist and Confused Bob The Projectionist here. It didn’t make the slightest difference.

          If you are really interested in knowing the actual differences between those ideologies, I am sure that you can do the necessary research. Want to bet that you won’t?

          1. Notice I said EVERYONE if you hope that people will understand your beliefs and thoughts. James and I are not EVERYONE.

            The flip side of that is if you convince a SINGLE ONE of us, then maybe your arguments have validity. Not.

  2. Nancy SAYS the Dims will do so.
    1. This assumes she isn’t lying.
    2. This assumes the Dims do not rig the game. q.v. 2016. You can already see this in action by their “special” dispensation for Mikey Bloomers to make a late entry.
    3. Let’s be honest. Dims and the previous word do not belong in the same sentence.

    “We’re doomed!” is not a big political message that sells. At least Bernie is honest with his ambitions, however unrealistic (like he’d get Congress to go along), his lack of math skills, and his intentions to make American a socialist/communist collective.

  3. I’m totally surprised Pelosi knows how to say “unity” with a straight face. Certainly anyone who has been watching and listening to this train wreck will disagree with her as what once was the DemocRAT Party has clearly regressed straight downward into Third World status under Socialism/Communism and wannabe dictators like Commissar Bernie “Fidel” Sanders.

      1. Tell that to the Socialists and Communists who are wasting their time running against the best POTUS since Reagan. #Morons.

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