Pelosi Calls McConnell’s Coronavirus Relief Proposal a ‘Non-Starter’

House Speaker Nancy Pelosi is criticizing Senate Majority Leader Mitch McConnell’s (R-Ky.) coronavirus relief package, describing it as a “non-starter.”

Pelosi released a letter on Friday to her fellow House Democrats amid House and Senate discussions about the proposal.

Her statement argues that the proposed package appears more favorable to corporations than families in need.

The proposal —now coined the Coronavirus Aid, Relief, and Economic Security (CARES) Act— has different elements including providing individuals with $1,200. Households with couples filing joint tax returns would receive a total of $2,400.

However, the proposed amounts are contingent on income caps. Pelosi argues that the American people are in need of direct help.

In her statement, she rejected the proposal as she argued that it is “not at all pro-worker and puts corporations ahead of working people.” In short, Pelosi described the written proposed bill as “a non-starter.”

“It is a non-starter.”

The House speaker noted what she believes the bill should be focused on:

“Our response must address the coronavirus outbreak as the public health crisis that it is: rebuilding our health care infrastructure on a national scale and securing the resources to test and treat everyone. We must do everything that we can to support doctors and scientists as they pursue treatments, a cure, and a vaccine.”

Pelosi has indicated that a coronavirus response package must include increases to unemployment and Medicaid, along with expansion to emergency paid and sick family leave.

“Any response package must greatly increase Unemployment Insurance and Medicaid, help small businesses survive, expand paid sick and family leave and put money directly into the hands of those who need it most,” she wrote. 

Pelosi’s letter comes amid McConnell’s attempt to expedite the passing of the bill.

On Thursday, McConnell appeared on CNN where he was questioned about his decision to not seek input from his Democratic counterparts, as reported on IJR.

McConnell defended himself saying he had done so to speed up the process.

“This is the quickest way to get it done,” McConnell added. “Trust me, this is the quickest way to get it done, exactly the way we’re doing it.”

The Republican lawmaker has indicated he hopes to draft a measure on Saturday, to vote on it by Monday.


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    1. Infrastructure bill has been sitting on McConnell’s desk along with over 200 more bills that’s been passed by the House and he’s not budging on any one of them. He calls himself the “Grimm Reaper” So blame your Senate leader.

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