Pelosi Slams Republicans Who Acquitted Trump, Torches McConnell

House Speaker Nancy Pelosi (D-Calif.) is torching Republicans after former President Donald Trump was acquitted by the Senate.

Following the final vote on Saturday, Pelosi issued a statement where she applauded the House impeachment managers for “[defending] our Constitution and our Democracy” and “[demonstrating] extraordinary love of country and loyalty to our oath and the facts.”

“Today an overwhelming bipartisan vote to convict Donald Trump speaks to the courage of the United States Senate,” she wrote. “I salute the Republican Senators who voted their conscience and for our Country.”

She then slammed Republican lawmakers who voted to acquit Trump:

“Other Senate Republicans’ refusal to hold Trump accountable for igniting a violent insurrection to cling to power will go down as one of the darkest days and most dishonorable acts in our nation’s history.”

The House speaker turned her focus to Senate Minority Leader Mitch McConnell (R-Ky.), saying that on Jan. 15, “[House impeachment managers] were told that because the Senate was closed the Article could not be received. It is so pathetic that Senator McConnell kept the Senate shut down so that the Senate could not receive the Article of Impeachment and has used that as his excuse for not voting to convict Donald Trump.”

She concluded:

“Tragically, Senate Republicans who voted not to convict chose to abandon the Constitution, the Country and the American people with this vote. Thank God for the judges and Republican elected officials across the country who pushed back against Donald Trump’s attempted overturning of our election which fueled the insurrection.”

The Senate impeachment trial ended with a 57-43 vote — seven Republicans voted to convict Trump, as IJR reported.

McConnell said on Saturday, “There is no question that President Trump is practically and morally responsible for provoking the events of the day,” adding, “The people who stormed this building believed they were acting on the wishes and instructions of their president.”

Following the final vote, Trump said in a statement, “Our historic, patriotic and beautiful movement to Make America Great Again has only just begun.”


  1. Well, poor, poor Piglosi. You and your lying, cheating, corrupt Democrats lose again. Loser, la who za her, looooooooooser. Bwahahahahahahahahaha!!! Democrats lose again. Your false impeachment failed. Want to try for three?? Prepare to lose more seats in 2022. Mad King Biden will lose and low life tyrannical Democrats will lose more votes when they try to take our 2nd amendment rights shortly through bans and confiscations. The Mad King’s reign is in a downward spiral.

    1. “Your false impeachment failed.” Chuck

      Failed at what, Chuck? Failed to convict a dangerous rogue president who only thinks of himself because some cowardly Senators from his own party aligned with him and voted against conviction? You would be correct.

      However, the 43 who voted against conviction have that fact recorded in Congressional records. They will never, EVER be able to run away from THAT fact. Their next primaries should be REALLY consequential for them and interesting for this country, don’t you think, Chuck?

    1. Wow, Jason, you’re going to have to come up with a lot more cheating to get that done. The Mad King Biden is losing votes by the thousands every day after eliminating jobs and raising prices. It will be back to $5.00 a gallon for gas before long, just like during the Obamanation.

      1. Who does the “cheating”, Chuck?

        According to your conspiracy, the Democrats figured out a sure way of rigging an election that LOST them some House seats and made the Senate race the ULTIMATE squeaker! It doesn’t get any closer in the Senate than what “the Dems” managed to do.

        That’s a pretty neat trick, don’t you think, Chuck?

      2. Chuck have you seen orange 🍊 mans ratings?
        Chuck have you seen Biden’s approvals?
        Chuck have you seen how many Americans are claiming to be independents now?
        Chuck are really saying the Republican Party is honest?

    2. That would be great GC (if we had some good candidates) But as of today, given two choices; a Republican admin or Biden Harris followed by Harris and her vp over the next 16 years, I’d choose the latter. I see both parties are corrupt and it seems like there are a handful of “seemingly” trustworthy?, honest?, I don’t know, decent? dems and pubs who are seriously interested in the country and the people.
      So many personal agendas
      while the American people pay the price!
      When honest and smart people come together for the betterment of the country good things happen, I wonder what the F happened to ANY of those days!
      A huge percentage of Americans feel the “American way of life” is slipping away at a rapid speed and they’re angry. They blame the dems so they side with the pubs but the pubs don’t end up “helping” anyone they use scare tactics and a lot of flimflamming and MORE personal agendas; politicians’ pockets are getting fatter while the citizens pay all kinds of prices for it!
      And, there’s another huge portion of millennials and Gen Z’ers coming into play who can’t see ANY truth in the pub party so they look to the dems who talk about unity and inclusiveness and the “real” look of America today and the future.
      The babblers on here who throw negativity like it’s going out of style say NOTHING!
      There’s no meat it’s just blame and ridiculous negativity.
      So I’d love to do better than Joe and Kamala if it’s necessary and if we can …….. but …….. who? how? when?
      And rising interest in unity and inclusiveness HAS been gaining momentum and I think that’s what tipped the scale and dems got in because they “claim” to cater to that.
      But then dems want to give TOO much away as the pubs want to TAKE too much away so once again it’s the citizens who pay the price and here we are, let’s see, at square one?

  2. It’s obvious no one commenting here knows the sinister actions that’ve been going on and what’s about to be exposed.
    All this nonsense about your hate will pale in comparison.

  3. Real Americans know you an your party actions that moved the barriers to the Capitol and how Capitol Police invited the folks in. We know the truth. Might be a good idea to retire now. Things are going to get bad in DC if Biden continues to eliminate jobs and prices go up.

  4. If the hypocritical limousine liberal Pelosi said it, it is usually a distortion, politically toxic and simply dumb. She maintains her reputation.

  5. pelozi is 80 yrs old… she won’t be around much longer then lucifer can deal with her…
    huri peri Լույսի փերի-հուրի փերի

  6. We have a long way to go–so many have bought all in on Trump’s big lies.
    “I talked to this woman this morning, and she said, ‘You know that the people that stormed the Capitol, there were a lot of Antifa. And what they did was if they took their MAGA hat and turned it backwards, that was their signal that they were Antifa.’ This was an educated, smart, longtime Republican woman. … We’ve got a lot of work to do. They’ve been lied to by everybody.”
    Nikki Haley

    1. Cult-45 were accusing ‘leftists’ and ‘ANTIFA’ of infiltrating rallies at least as far back as 2019. What Nikki Haley is doing is trying to syphon off enough voters to back her own presidential run.

      1. I’m not sure about that. Whike so much of what Haley has done is about reaching for the presidency, including her previous unwillingness to call out her former boss. My guess is that her recent comments were less calculated and more aligned with how she feels, allowing a rare glimpse behind the curtain.

        1. Funny that you mentioned “feelings”, Michael. That’s because the whole party has no policy platform to run on anymore, so they are just acting out their “performative outrage”.

          1. Sad and ironic, isn’t it, that the Republican party has become the party of feelings and whining…

    2. Agreed Michael. Too many lies and we def have a lot of work to do……..I think we’re going to have more work than most expect!

      1. syphilis – you talk about repeating and that’s all you have ever done, repeat, repeat, repeat. You’re a sick Democrat.

      2. Well, now that Confused Squat, Jason and Michael have finally stopped stroking each other, projecting and stating their made up conspiracy theories, some truthful comments can be made. The Democrat losers lost again. Want to try for false impeachment number three?? Silly, lying, cheating, corrupt Democrats.

        1. Oh simple chuck you’ve said virtually nothing other then the dems lost the impeachment.
          Woohoo, there are more cheating money grubbing scared little republicans who shart in their pants with just the THOUGHT of trump retaliating.
          Chuck Chuck Chuck, the pub party is SO BROKEN right now I’d bet 100 bucks right now you couldn’t think of a single thing that could pull it back together without putting down the dems…….
          Just put the pub party back together, just try, cause at this rate implosion is evident!

  7. I would make a TERRIBLE politician. I open my mouth and what I think just pours out. Listening to dingbat Pelosi gush about the “Constitution” and “democracy” and HONOR would have me rolling and choking to death in the aisles. Where the HELL is THAT coming from? Why is she concerned about any of that NOW? She hasn’t cared about it for the last five years!!! HONOR??? I bet she can’t even spell it let alone define it….and she sure as HELL doesn’t practice it.

    1. Depends upon what district or state you wish to run, Penelope. You have the understanding of the word “think” as many politicians do. Thinking requires engaging YOUR brain–not simply repeating what you hear without fact checking your beliefs.

      Have YOU actually READ the Constitution? Have you an understanding that “democracy” does not mean every election will go as you wish it to go?

      Can you actually claim that if ANY OTHER POTUS had incited an insurrection that you would not agree with impeachment. Not only did Speaker Pelosi agree, but 9 REPUBLICAN House members agreed. 7 Senators agreed. McConnell voted “not guilty” then moments later publicly claimed Trump to be guilty as charged. IS THAT you idea of “honor”?? Are you of the belief that McConnell knows how to spell honor.

      Are you even thinking of how the history books will reflect the Jan 6th insurrection? Can you explain it to your grandchildren and great-grandchildren WHY the Senate acquitted when Senators were claiming he was guilty but hid behind an argument that was decided at the onset of hearing?

      Has Speaker Pelosi ever incited an insurrection? Has she lied to the public 30,573 during the last 4 years? Has she lied 10,000 of those in the last 5 months of the 2020 calendar? Has she ever settled a class-lawsuit for FRAUD? Has she ever had a charity shutdown under the supervision of the state government? Is she the one under criminal investigation in 2 states and the District of Columbia? NO. The American people know what honor is and what it isn’t and Nancy Pelosi is much more honorable than Donald J Trump who you persist in believing is the victim.

      1. Phyllis, you watch too much CNN. If there were 30,573 lies, you could surely name one that is true and not opinion. Nancy Pelosi is pure evil and is Satan’s Girlfriend. Forget Trump for just one second and look at Pelosi’s history – its frightening

        1. Phyllis doesn’t have to do that, dickster. If you truly want to find a verified lie, there are lots of checklists out there to keep YOU busy for YEARS! 😉

      2. syphilis – you talk about repeating and that’s all you have ever done, repeat, repeat, repeat. You’re a sick Democrat.

    2. Unless you can explain yourself better, Penelope, it SOUNDS AS IF your perception of democracy and our Constitution differs from the historic reality.

      Explain how Madam Speaker does NOT follow the Constitution and explain how she is not being democratic, over 5 years or not.

      I am confused, Penelope.

      And Matt Gaetz is a tool.

  8. i think trump is an evil man, too bad we could not vote to exile this creature from the usa

    1. I agree Julia
      But, just maybe, we might learn something soon that will look very different from how things look today

  9. ‘F’ Pelosi and all the other turds that voted for impeach-ment. When the inmates are running the asylum, what hope have we in keeping the Constitu-tion while they twist every word in it! These next four years will be ravaged by Biden and his demons, while a great number of State lawsuits are pending. They will run wild with power while we suffer higher taxes, less security and the undoing of most morality. The country will be flooded with illegals/
    terrorists and ChiCom influence and the elections continuallyskewed. Restric-
    tions on media will increase with right- wing suppres-
    sion. The 70-million plus will soon tire of the constant insanity and degrada-tion, that now will be called ‘true American-
    ism’, equality, and justice, and will finally lash out in some dramatic way. What happens after that will be a condem-
    nation of the backlash by the left, saying this is the real reason they warned everyone when they proposed to hunt us down us, as undesir-ables and traitors, and pushed reprogram-ming earlier. This will be the last straw and civil war and/or secession will ignite. It is only a matter of time.

    1. HOW did that Jan 6th insurrection work out for you, Jeffrey? AND WHAT suppression of the media are you referring? In America a private company can not file a defamation lawsuit if the outlet asserts false and unfounded claims against their company? A private company can not exclude inciters of violence from their social media platforms?

      Jeffrey, get help.

      1. Softa what the hell does your comment have to do with what Jeff wrote. You are just babbling and deflecting again.

        You are the one who needs help.

    2. “The country will be flooded with (fill in the blank).” Jeffrey

      You are just fearmongering. You included terrorists, so are you ALSO including domestic terrorists, Jeffrey?

  10. Democrats seem to be torching the US Constitution. Time for senior Congress to retire.

      1. How so Softa? By putting on an unconstitutional impeachment that even the Chief Justice walked out on.

        1. There was nothing unconstitutional about it and for anyone to CLAIM that is clearly either misinformed or exhibiting tons of bias. Or, knowing you, Lying Paul The Emeffer, you are just lying.

  11. TOO BAD hypocritical murderer of the unborn and supporter of socialism! You should be swinging from a rope for your many TREASONS against your “oath” and the Republic. We already know where you’re going to be roasting for all eternity for your disregard for Gods Law, lack of love for the unborn and any semblence of honesty.

      1. amen Jeffrey? You believe in god? that’s a little surprising
        William Lee you sound too angry to mention gods law

    1. “We already know where you’re going to be roasting for all eternity for your disregard for Gods(sic) Law, lack of love for the unborn and any semblence(sic) of honesty.” HOW exactly do you “know” who is going to be “roasting”? HOW do you know it won’t be those responsible for spreading COVID that cost over 484,000 deaths?

      1. Softa you do have a gift of deflection.
        All of your posts are such.
        Must be tough for you to stay on task when you spew your crap.

        1. No, Lying Paul The Emeffer, I disagree. All of Phyllis’ posts are NOT filled with deflection. You can CLAIM that they are, but that doesn’t make them so.

          Again, you still need to do your homework.

    2. “supporter of socialism” Unreal Lee

      Come on, Unreal Lee. There isn’t a communist bone in her body and there CERTAINLY isn’t a communist thought in her mind, and you can’t prove it otherwise.

  12. This woman has been in politics for a hundred years and she continues to show her stupidity just by opening her mouth. McConnell, who I am no fan of, was the only politician to make sense. His not guilty was not a vote of confidence for Trump but rather a vote for the Constitution. He knew the Senate did not have the power to impeach a private citizen. Pelosi, along with 50 democraps and 7 repukes did not know this. He was correct in the that the founding fathers, over 240 years ago, were smarter than the current crop of idiots that work in the Capitol building. And it is a shame because many of our founding fathers were self educated and not formally educated in an institution like those representing us today. Maybe that is also part of the problem – higher learning which appears to be an oxymoron.

    1. Higher learning is now brainwashing by year left, and now, more so, by the Chinese Commies by the present actions of Commie Joe Biden!

    2. Charles Patterson you know darn well trump had everything to do with the insurrection and he def left pence to the wolves—not calling him for five days after he was almost hung? You know better

  13. I love this woman! She’s got so much going for her and together with her husband they’ve create some good businesses. She’s doing great and not a young woman to be handling things the way she does. She’s great. I wouldn’t mind being that age and having such a position—it’s totally admirable.

    1. Nasty pathetic c**t is the poster child for term limits. She has lied, cheated, and stolen her way to where she is at. I’ll give her credit though at least she didn’t blow her way to the top the way the current VP has, at least not that we know of.

      1. Talking about nasty and pathetic fltflyer ? Uh, that sounds more like you—another reflection in the mirror

    2. Nanc is batting a big Zilch against Trump. Nancy let it go. Go eat your ice cream and get your hair done

      1. That depends on what you consider a “zilch”, Mac.

        If you call her manoeuvring to get every American Fascist Congress member on the official record, THAT was a noticeable success, don’t you think?

    3. Sorry, Jason. I can’t support you on this one. Her power and prestige in the party comes from her corruption and her ability to raise big money from big donors NOT from her enlightened policies. She isn’t what you think she is.

      1. Ok GC I can respect that. Reason being you didn’t mention Botox, formaldehyde, propped up, senile and you didn’t wish her dead. You gave me a clear explanation without the hate. At least it makes me want to research more.

        1. The Party leadership is corrupt to the core, which has made them move their platform policywise to the right of Ronald Reagan on most issues.

          That is why the left’s progressive movement is so important, Jason. Those 10 politicians, hopefully 11 soon, represent the majority of Americans policywise AND they are staying away from the corrupting influences of big money, to get elected and to stay focused on their constituents and this country. The more corrupt Democrats that get replaced by politicians wanting to represent US vs their big donors, for a change, the sooner we can right this listing ship and resolve our problems.

  14. I only wish they would have had witnesses. Would have loved to see the Pig roasted and toasted by Trump’s lawyers. I bet the Dems backed down on their wanting witnesses for that reason.

  15. Nasty, bitter old broad. Pigliosi is only held together by botox, formaldehyde and disdain for America’s working class.

      1. You looking for someone to bite on the ignorant smartass comments you’re leaving. If you love the old wrinkled up no good for nothing house speaker that’s you’re stupidity. You’re probably a sicko perverted sissy boy who sits around all-day in you’re moms basement masturbating while looking at a picture of the old hag you said you love so much (you’re words not mine.) Go over to the leftist news site with the rest of the looney tunes. You will fit right in over there and want have to hate on people. But I know you wouldn’t do that cause hating is all you know how to do because you have such a miserable life and do everything you can to get people to join you in you’re sorrow. Do the world a favor and stop breathing. F U

        1. “Go over to the leftist news site with the rest of the looney tunes.” Tim

          A REAL leftist would have nothing to do with Pelosi, Tim. She is to the right of Ronald Reagan.

        2. PAUL SAYS: You looking for someone to bite on the ignorant smartass comments you’re leaving.
          AND YOU BIT !
          THANK YOU 😊

          1. Sorry Paul,
            I meant Tim.

            TIM, YOU BIT
            THANK YOU 😊
            And your welcome to come master bate in the basement and I can stick mine in you when you beg.
            You’re very angry dear, will you be less angry when I finish in your mouth?

  16. She had to know this would be the outcome. It’s hilarious how she lives inside her head. Such hate must prop her up. But she’ll have a tough time trying to get through the weeks to come. And Schumer must be living on antacids.

  17. Hey, Nancy – why don’t you just tear up the Constitution like you did the State of the Union speech? You already have, in spirit – why not make it public and obvious to even your oblivious acolytes? There never should have been any impeaching – now or in the past – for President Trump; only your petulant propaganda and faux virtue signals put up enough of a smokescreen for you to hide your vengeful mendacity behind, abetted by a soulless media. The entire Democrat party should be impeached, thrown out of office, banned from politics forever, and all mention of you and your decrepit legacy erased from the history books. Watching you and your hypocritical politics of personal destruction and evil play out on the public stage for the last 4 years has made nails on a blackboard feel like a sunny day on the beach. You are execrable.

    1. “There never should have been any impeaching – now or in the past – for President Trump” George Steele

      George Steele is comfortable with a rogue president instigating an insurrection against our democracy and letting him get away with it.

  18. Hey Nancy. Didn’t nancy play the wicked witch of the west on The Wizard of Oz. She is the right age so I’m pretty sure did. But why is she still playing the role.

  19. Nancy Pelosi needs to clean up her own house. The ones supporting the ChiComms for the money provided by Xi and his criminals are the people who need to be cleaned out of the Congress and our government. She protect these Communist supporters. When she points her finger, she has three pointing back at her.

  20. Palosi and Schumer are the cult leaders of the democrats party that’s trying to turn this great nation into an immoral bastion of communism where they hold power and no one can speak out against them and their lies or they will be thrown into jail or silently disappeared. Trump for the last five years has been fighting the shadow government the democrats run in Washington but could not break through MSM and social medias lies and propaganda. dems have been able to brainwash their constituents into oblivious lemmings who will say and believe and do anything to please their masters including calling political protest an incitement to violence and not freedom of speech or freedom to gather freedom to congregate or anything else the constitution is supposed to protect. Democrats put their political party ideology over all things including this great nation.

    1. Joe & James: I would REALLY like you two to describe what the Democratic leaders have EVER done to indicate that they have even half an ounce of socialism or communism in them. That will be really special if you could do that. Really special, guys. I am waiting…

  21. Pelosi took the Oath of Office to to Protect and Defend the Constitution and has continuously broke Her Oath of Office to push Her Socialist Agenda and restrict the Freedoms of those she is supposed to Serve! It is time to arrest Her and all of those who have done the same. Try them all for Treason and Hang them!

  22. Nancy Pelosi abandoned the constitution a long time ago. Wake up America, you’re being gas lighted. It’s time for term limits.

  23. Nancy is full of face filler and Botox. She thinks she is a shadow leader of the nation. She is getting senile and needs to retire.

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