Pence Claims There Are Still ‘Doubts About the Election,’ Vows ‘We’re Gonna Keep Right on Fighting’

Vice President Mike Pence insists that President Donald Trump will continue his efforts to overturn the presidential election even after the Electoral College formalized President-elect Joe Biden‘s victory.

Speaking at a campaign event in Georgia to support Sens. David Perdue (R) and Kelly Loeffler (R) in their runoff elections, Pence said, “I know we’ve all got doubts about the last election.”

“That’s why we’re gonna keep right on fighting,” he added.

However, he warned, “I hear some people saying down hear in Georgia, ‘If you’re frustrated by the last election, just don’t vote.’ My fellow Americans, I say from my heart, you gotta remember if you don’t vote, they win.”

Watch the video below:

Biden won the Nov. 3 presidential election, and the Electoral College formalized his win on Monday after electors in all 50 states cast ballots for him. However, Trump has refused to concede as he has made the baseless allegation that there was widespread in the election. 

As Trump continues to allege fraud in key states that he lost, such as Georgia, Republican officials are reportedly concerned that his rhetoric will turn away conservatives voters and hand the state’s two Senate seats — and control of the chamber — to the Democrats during the Jan. 5, 2021, runoff elections. 

A recent Fox News poll found that 84% of Democrats said that in light of the presidential election results they are likely to vote in the upcoming elections. While just 69% of Republicans said the same.

Some officials fear voters will lack trust in the voting process after Trump’s claims, while others point to comments by attorney Lin Wood who told Georgians they should not vote for the Republican incumbents unless the state’s leaders assist in the president’s efforts to overturn the results of the election.

While Trump’s options for overturning the result of the election have dwindled, he has signaled that he is not willing to admit defeat. After Senate Majority Leader Mitch McConnell (R-Ky.) acknowledged the results of the election, Trump claimed it is “too soon to give up.”


  1. Useless Pence is getting out of Dodge before the crazies hits the fan the first week of January. I am sure that he is REALLY needed in the Middle East and in Poland right now. 😀

    What a coward. Trying to protect his reputation, so that he can run in 4 years.

  2. “I know we’ve all got doubts about the last election.” Useless Pence

    I am confused, Veep.

    Who is “we”? After about SIXTY attempts by King Donald The Loser’s campaign, they came up empty, so I am thinking that you believe in fairy tales, too. Is that true?

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