Pentatonix Member Kevin Olusola Talks Making a Cultural Impact Through the Gospel


Kevin Olusola, a member of the Grammy Award-winning musical acapella group Pentatonix, opened up about making an impact within the mainstream culture through the power of the Gospel.

In an interview with The Christian Post at the red carpet premiere of the faith-based musical “Journey to Bethlehem,” which is in theaters on Nov. 10, Olusola along with fellow member Matt Sallee spoke openly about their Christian faith. Olusola revealed how he took inspiration from the prophet Daniel in the Bible on how to be a light where God has placed him.

“When you look at Daniel in the Bible, he goes into the culture, and he gets to infiltrate, but he also gets to stay true to the one true God,” Olusola shared.

He continued, “I think for us, the goal is just to be a light in culture, and show people how beautiful and joyous and cool the Gospel is. I think there’s a lot of stigma around the Gospel; that ‘it’s just not for me,’ ‘it can’t be.'”

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However, Olusola also assured that “Jesus invites every single person into a relationship.”

Additionally, the vocalist and beatboxer explained his usage of the word “infiltration.”

He shared:

“I know I use the word’ infiltration,’ but that’s kind of almost what it is. It’s just being in culture in a way where people say, ‘Oh, well, I didn’t know the Gospel could be that. I didn’t know that it can be relatable to my life, and whatever I’m going through.'”

Despite Pentatonix being a secular group, which is comprised of additional members Scott Hoying, Mitch Grassi, and Kristin Maldonado, Olusola shared how their music glorifies God, singing classic songs such as “Mary Did You Know” and “Amazing Grace.”

“Even though we’re not a Christian group that’s what we try to do. If you listen to our music, the lyrics, the hope, the message, the spirituality that’s in the songs, it resonates and hits the heart in a way that sometimes another medium can’t, because there’s so much wrapped into the beauty of music,” he shared.

The “Imagine Faith”  podcast cohost continued, “Music was created by the Creator. So, when you align to the Creator and how He’s purposely using it, then you get the true strength of what it’s called to be.”

Speaking on him and Salle, Olusola said,” [We] pray so much before shows together because we want to be aligned to our Creator, that even though people may not see Jesus physically on the stage, they’ll feel Jesus through us.”

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