People Notice Something Creepy as Biden Walks by Restaurant and Peers in Window


President Joe Biden and his family hit Nantucket, Massachusetts, over Thanksgiving weekend to do what Biden does best — shuffle around in public, smiling and waving and doing his whole “relatable old man” schtick.

Unfortunately for Biden, however, he pulls off “creepy old man” much more effectively, as evidenced by an unflattering shot captured from within a restaurant after the president peered within its windows to peek at some waving children inside.

Oh, yeah, these moments of Biden’s always seem to involve children, weirdly.

It all began when the first family set out to the wealthy seaside Massachusetts town for Thanksgiving to attend to their annual tradition of watching the tree lighting ceremony (as so many totally relatable American families do).

As the Biden family went shopping after lunch in town, the president noticed a group of children in the window of the Lemon Press restaurant and walked over to get a closer look.

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Mediaite reported that the children cheered in delight as they posed for selfies with POTUS, who was gazing through the glass.

The result of one of these selfies, however, is going to be inspiring a lot of “Creepy Uncle Joe” memes for a very long time:

As you can imagine, Twitter had a field day with this unflattering shot:

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Democrat apologist Republican Rep. Adam Kinzinger, who appears to have recovered from the temper tantrum he threw after someone made a mean meme about him, snootily posted the full video of Biden approaching the window as if made the incident somehow less creepy.

It … didn’t:

It appears this wasn’t even only the case of awkward window-shopping President Biden did while perusing Nantucket’s wares, either. According to The Associated Press, Biden also briefly looked in the window of a lingerie store (but did not go inside).


This wasn’t anywhere near as important to the AP’s reporters, however, as it was that the first family had a hard time keeping Biden’s little grandson Beau, 2, happy and comfortable as they waited for the tree-lighting to commence.

Beau, named for the president’s late son who passed away from brain cancer in 2015, is one of the grandchildren that the Biden family acknowledges. Beau has a half-sister, but father Hunter Biden has done his best to avoid legal responsibility for the child he fathered with a stripper.

That was around the time, by the way, that his relationship with the elder Beau’s widow was winding down, a relationship that overlapped with his marriage to his first wife, Kathleen Buhle.

The toddler Beau was born to Hunter Biden and his second wife, Melissa Cohen, and is happily included in the Biden’s holiday celebrations while Beau’s sister goes entirely unacknowledged by the first family.

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It is indisputably absurd how consistently President Biden seems to have awkward public moments with children.

But all the same, Democratic voters just look at him and see a genial old man who defeated the Orange Man and loves kids.

And why wouldn’t they, when they’re treated to a regular helping of AP fluff pieces about the unruly little Beau with no mention of forgotten grandchildren, not to mention the otherwise lengthy list of scandals surrounding Hunter and Joe Biden?

This is why so many left-leaning Americans continue to blissfully ignore the disturbing cultural trends that sexualize children, and why they turn a blind eye to the Biden family’s multitudinous hints of abject corruption.

We might look at Biden and see a creepy old man and a likely crook — but thanks to gross media malfeasance, they still just see whatever the establishment wants you to see.

And so it all continues, right before our eyes.

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