Photo Shows Hero Off-Duty Border Agent with Shotgun Storming School to Save Wife, Daughter and 20 Kids


It can be hard to tell who the real heroes are on a day-to-day basis. It takes a significant call-to-action, a sudden moment of incredible conflict to reveal those among us willing to do whatever it takes to preserve that which is good.

On May 24, during the shooting of Robb Elementary School in Uvalde, Texas — which claimed the lives of 19 children and two teachers — U.S. Border Patrol agent Jacob Albarado did just that: He revealed himself as a hero.

A recently released photograph taken during the events of the shooting places this heroism on full display.

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At the time the shooting began, Albarado was at his local barber getting his hair cut, according to The New York Times.

Then, he received a text message from his wife — a teacher at Robb Elementary — that would fill any husband or father with immediate dread.

“There’s an active shooter,” she texted. “Help,” and then: “I love you.”

The couple’s daughter, Jayda — a second grader — was also in the school.

Is Albarado a hero?

Borrowing the barber’s shotgun, Albarado immediately leapt into action, heading straight for the school to save his family.

Upon arriving, the off-duty officer formulated a plan with the other officers at the scene.

While two officers provided cover, Albarado joined two others and began guiding children out of the school.

Eventually, he was reunited with both his wife and daughter.

Albarado was far from the only heroic parent at Robb Elementary School that day.

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Angeli Rose Gomez, the mother of two children who attend Robb Elementary, also leapt into action during the shooting.

Gomez drove 40 miles to the scene when she heard of the active shooter situation and, upon arriving, tried to convince the officers on the scene to do something.

They refused and then handcuffed her.

After convincing local police to set her free, Gomez jumped the school fence, ran into the school, found her children and escaped with them, according to reports.

Yet another example of selfless heroism.

Not everyone acted heroically that day, however. Or so it seems.

Questions are still swirling regarding the police’s response to the situation.

Gomez and Albarado were willing to risk their lives to save others.

Why did an entire team of armed officers wait so long to take action?

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