Planned Parenthood to Spend $45 Million on the 2020 Elections in Effort to Protect Abortion Rights

Planned Parenthood rally

Planned Parenthood announced this week that they will be making a massive spending push in 2020. The group launched its $45 million effort to help elect candidates who support abortion rights at the state and federal levels.

The election push was announced in late 2019, but was launched this week. In an interview with CBS, an official with the organization said that the administration “has managed to undo so much over the last three years,” adding “the fact that this summer the Supreme Court might gut Roe v. Wade is an indicator of their intention and they’ve never been so bold.”

Their effort goes hand-in-hand with a new section of their website dedicated to explaining the abortion policies of the 2020 candidates.

They also rolled out the effort in a video, declaring, “The stakes have never been higher for abortion access [and] reproductive rights. But in 2020, it’s our future, our bodies, and our votes.”

The group told CBS that they’re happy with the entire Democratic field in the presidential race, saying, “Every major candidate in the 2020 elections, except for Donald Trump, has spoken out against dangerous abortion bans and many of them have actually introduced real plans to protect the reproductive rights in this country.”

On the national level, lawmakers have been arguing over the “Born-Alive” bill, which would place criminal penalties on doctors who do not immediately provide care for newborns that survive an abortion procedure. Various forms of the bill have been voted on and even approved in some statehouses.

While these bills have broad support among Republicans, they’re criticized by Democrats who say instances of births after failed abortions are almost nonexistent. In a speech about the bill on the Senate floor, Senate Minority Leader Chuck Schumer (D-N.Y.) said, “It has always been illegal to harm a newborn infant. This vote has nothing — nothing — to do with that. Read the language.”


  1. Dear Planned Parenthood: you are lucky the taxpayer can’t decide where their money goes because if they did, you wouldn’t exist.
    Chuckie, if instances of live births after failed abortions is a rarity, what are you complaining about?

  2. You would think they could a lot more good with $45m. Also that probable is taxpayers $$$$$$ that was given to them.


  4. No organization should ever be allowed to donate to a political campaign. All donations should come only from citizens registered to vote in a precinct that will have that campaign on its ballot. Also, donations should be limited to a relatively small amount from each individual so the rich don’t control our government.

    Problem is, politicians basically don’t believe their constituents will support them, so they get money from any source they can.

  5. They can spend whatever they want to save abortion but that money won’t by the by them out of the wrath from God when they meet face-to-face

  6. I always thought that in my 27 years as a Teamster them giving dues $$$$$ to the Democrats was bad but PP being subsidized by the taxpayers and then giving to the DNC makes unions look small time, we could escape by quitting if we wanted but you cannot escape the IRS. ?

  7. Always remember…the LEADING cause of infant mortality in the united States today IS Planned Parenthood…!?!?!

  8. $45 million of tax payers hard earned money to be given to D-RATs—-no wonder D-RATs (like Roman Catholic Putrid Pelosi) defy their religion to support abortion—-it’s all about the Benjamin’s—–how pathetic. How do D-RATs look in the mirror without puking?

  9. So they get our tax dollars and use them to rig elections. This country is going to hell.

  10. And it’s why they shouldn’t get a single cent of taxpayer money!! Why are my taxes going to fund their political agenda?????

    1. Can’t beat the IRS my friend so vote for pro-life candidates.

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