Police Officers Take a Knee in Solidarity With Protesters Amid George Floyd Unrest

Some police officers across the country are standing in solidarity with protesters against police brutality amid the death of George Floyd.

Officers in Iowa, Kentucky, New York, and Oregon all took a knee while overseeing demonstrations over the weekend — replicating the silent protest of former San Francisco 49ers quarterback Colin Kaepernick.

On Sunday, New York Police Department (NYPD) police officers in Queens along with others in Spokane, Wash., and Miami, Flo., also followed suit. Aleeia Abraham, leader of The BlaQue Resource Network, shared the now-viral footage of the NYPD officers’ demonstration in Queens.

During an interview with CNN, she shared a reaction similar to that which can be heard in the video. The audience expressed shock upon seeing the officers kneel.

“I definitely didn’t expect that,” Abraham said. “I’ve never seen that.”

In Michigan, Genesee County Sheriff Chris Swanson’s exchange with protesters also went viral. Swanson approached protesters outside of the Flint Township police station and asked what they would like law enforcement to do.

“We want to be with y’all, for real,” Swanson said of himself and the officers standing behind him. “I took my helmet off, they laid their batons down. I want to make this a parade, not a protest.”

As the crowd of protesters chanted “walk with us,” the footage captures Swanson and the officers joining forces with demonstrators as they began walking together.

Despite the violent protests that have taken place in cities across the United States, the videos that show officers acknowledging the ongoing problem reveal glimmers of hope for the country’s future.

Abraham also noted that while the action is a step in the right direction, protesters are advocating for long-term change and real accountability in law enforcement.

“That’s great, it’s a good sign, but what we’re really looking for is action,” she said. “I’ll be even more impressed when we’re not stepped on and gunned down. That’s the moment I’m looking for.”

Three of the four officers involved in George Floyd’s death while in police custody have not been arrested or charged.

According to Minneapolis Police Chief Medaria Arradondo, the officers’ silence and failure to intervene signals complicity.

Protesters have expressed concern about the officers being held accountable for their involvement while urging other officers to stand on the side of justice.


  1. Riots are a product of interactions – largely to the nature of the way police treat crowds. After seeing the video of the two police vehicles ramming crowds, it goes to show how antagonizing and instigating they can be.

  2. The Asshole-In-Chief, trumplethinskin, is going to be pissed.
    You just can’t have ” Peace Officers ‘ actually making peace
    instead of thugishly beating on folks as he wants them to.

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