Protesters Decry Delay in Arrests of Two White Men in Shooting of Black Georgia Jogger

Hundreds of protesters gathered in front of a Georgia courthouse on Friday to decry the killing of an unarmed black man in February and the delay in charging two white men in a shooting captured on video that was released earlier this week.

The Georgia Bureau of Investigation (GBI) arrested a former police officer, Gregory McMichael, 64, and his son Travis, 34, on Thursday and charged with them with aggravated assault and murder in the Feb. 23 killing of Ahmaud Arbery, 25, in the coastal Georgia town of Brunswick.

The video’s wide broadcast in recent days ignited outrage among activists, politicians and celebrities who saw the incident as the latest case of white perpetrators killing a black man and going unpunished.

“If we became involved when it was still an active crime scene, that’s the perfect situation,” GBI Director Vic Reynolds said in a briefing on Friday. “Sometimes it’s not a perfect world.”

He said the GBI could only initiate an investigation when asked to do so by the Glynn County district attorney.

“I just want justice for Ahmaud,” Quintina Johnson, a 47-year-old waiter who was one of about 350 protesters in front of the Glynn County Courthouse in Brunswick on Friday. “This is just one step we all have to take to make sure that justice is served correctly.”

The video footage, which surfaced on social media, shows Arbery jogging down a narrow two-lane road and around the McMichaels’ white pickup truck, which had stopped in the right lane with its driver’s door open.

As Arbery crosses back in front of the truck, a gunshot is fired. Arbery is then seen struggling with a man holding a long gun as a second man stands in the bed of the truck brandishing a revolver. Two more shots are heard before Arbery stumbles and falls face down onto the asphalt.

The GBI said it was Travis McMichael who fired the fatal round.

A district attorney, who was appointed to handle the case after two other prosecutors recused themselves because of their connections with the elder McMichael, said on Wednesday he would ask a county grand jury to decide whether the two men should face charges.

Gregory McMichael is a former Glynn County police officer and district attorney’s investigator.

The men’s arrest by the GBI, one day after the agency opened an investigation into the case, appears to have sidelined any grand jury probe.


  1. Couple of morons. Death penalty. As far as the marches. Do this at 2am in South Chicago

  2. You can’t make some people happy. If they would have been arrested within one minutes, these people would have complained. We should just be thankful that they arrested them and hopefully justice will be done for these murderers.

  3. I watched the video, which was taken by a friend of the McMichael father & son, so that their citizens’ arrest could be documented. He was not talented at making videos; he kept pointing his camera away from the action. The McMichaels pulled ahead and cut off Ahmaud Arbery, the jogger; the son got out of the truck with a shotgun on the passenger side, and the father was standing in the bed of the truck with a .357 revolver. The jogger zigzagged, and wound up running ahead on the passenger side, where he confronted the son with his shotgun. Rather than stop to converse with the McMichaels, or run away (and risk being shot in the back at close range), he chose to wrestle with the son for the gun. The wrestling started in front of the truck, out of camera view; one shot was fired there. They staggered left past the truck, and out of the camera view; another shot was fired. They then staggered back to the right and into view, and a third shot was fired; the muzzle of the gun appeared to directly against the victim’s chest at the time of discharge. I assume the three rounds all came from the shotgun, and none from the father’s .357, but I can’t tell for sure.

    The county D.A., who later recused himself from the case, said there was no cause to bring charges, because Arbery attacked the man with the gun, which left him entitled to shoot Arbery, under stand-your-ground and self defense statutes. Seems pretty crazy to me, that if you resist somebody who pulls a gun on you, that in Georgia he is then free to kill you. That’s the Second Amendment on crack. Sounds like a lynching to me.

    1. Seems pretty crazy to me that someone without a gun would attack someone WITH one.

    2. “Sounds like a lynching to me.” Delbert

      Yes, of course it was. The gun is just used as a legal ploy. “I was afraid for my life because this 120 lb weakling went for MY gun that I brandished because I am a coward.” Works really in Florida (Zimmerman).

        1. Scott, I have some used toilet paper you can use to dry them dummycrap tears of yours.

      1. Perhaps you should read up on the Zimmerman case. When someone is beating your head into the concrete, you have a right to protect yourself. Martin was a criminal casing houses, not a kid going for skittles.

        1. He SAYS his head was being banged against the sidewalk; maybe so. What’s indisputable is that Zimmerman stalked Martin through the neighborhood, challenged him, and got himself into a fight. And he used the fight to justify killing the kid. I don’t construe that as self-defense; it sounds like second-degree murder, at a minimum. On the other hand, I’m not a white guy from Florida, and I may not understand how it really is.

          1. Perhaps you should read the transcripts of the trial. Within 87 minutes of testimony, the girlfriend revealed that, during the phone call, the racial comments were made by her and Trayvon, and she told Trayvon to go confront that “cracker”. “He SAYS his head was being banged against the sidewalk” I guess you should look at the pictures of the back of his head. Stalked the kid? First, not a kid, look at the picture on line from his social network post, gold teeth, tattoos, fingers and all. Gangsta wannabe!! Second, Zimmerman was neighborhood watch, that was his job. Martin was kicked out of school for using drugs, possessing burglary tools and stolen property found in his locker. His mother kicked him out of the house for stealing money and using drugs. He was living with his father, who was on his second abusive relationship. Martin was casing houses, in a hoodie, looking in windows, in a closed neighborhood he had no business being in. If you saw someone in your neighborhood, engaging in that kind of behavior and you were on neighborhood watch, what would you do? And, if your picture is accurate, you ARE a white guy. Don’t play the race card like Obama, criminal behavior is criminal behavior. You don’t get a pass because you’re a minority.

          2. Chuck:
            You’ve loaded yourself up with a lot of crap from racist right-wing propaganda sites, and a little bit of real information. Martin was definitely no angel; he was a punk who might well have gone very bad. No little kid, at 17 he was 5’10 and 158 pounds, at the coroner’s office. He had no tattoos on his hands or face and had no gold teeth, though it looks like he posed with a gold grill for Facebook once. He wore a hoodie, and he got kicked out of school a few times for drug paraphernalia, grafitti, and fighting, and he may have been getting into petty burglary.

            There’s talk about casing the neighborhood and looking in windows, but there are no witnesses to this. It seems made up. He complained on the phone to his girlfriend about a “creepy-ass cracker” who was following him, i.e. Zimmerman. Zimmerman later referred to Obama as a baboon. I’ll trade your cracker for his baboon, and call it even.

            Zimmerman’s “job” was not to act as a cop; for one, he was a volunteer. A neighborhood watch person is not supposed to confront suspicious people. He’s supposed to call the real cops. Otherwise, crazy crap can go down, like getting in over your head and having to kill somebody.

            Martin wanted to be a little gangsta, but I don’t know if he was tough enough to fill the gangsta shoes. Zimmerman wanted to be John Wayne, but he wasn’t big enough to wear the boots. He was big enough to get the cops called on him for domestic threats against an ex-wife and two girlfriends. Also battery against a cop. Real big man. So, two sh*tballs meat on a lonely walk in the dark. The white one starts a fight, the black one fights back and fights better, and gets killed. Post-trial, Zimmerman makes a little career for himself painting pictures of flags, which he copies from stock photography, and sells them as original art. And later auctions the gun he used to kill Martin for $250,000. Or so he claimed. Class act? Low-rent.

            I’m white all right, but I don’t think it means a damned thing. Spotting racism and being repulsed is not “pulling the race card”. Spotting an a-hole like Zimmerman (or Trump) and calling him for it is just 20-20 vision. You might want to visit the eye doctor.

      2. By the way Scotty, that was another case of Obama dividing America using his BS rhetoric.

      3. confuction the fascist projectionist has spoken. You are a typical communist turd with his head up his ass. Go back to your mommy’s basement and eat your chips and play your games and leave intelligent conversation to we adults. You have proven beyond a shadow of a doubt that your stupidity cannot be cured.

          1. scotty was at one time called confused (changed name). I call him confuction because of his function as liar.

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