Psaki Rips Georgia’s New Voting Law: It Is ‘Built on a Lie’

White House Press Secretary Jen Psaki is taking aim at Georgia’s new controversial voting law, which she says is based on a “lie.”

During a press briefing on Tuesday, she said, “The Georgia legislation is built on a lie. There was no widespread fraud in the 2020 election. Georgia’s top Republican elections officials have acknowledged that repeatedly in interviews. What there was, however, was record-setting turn out especially by voters of color.”

“What we’re seeing here is for politicians who didn’t like the outcome, they’re not changing their policies to win more votes. They’re changing the rules to exclude more voters. And we certainly see the circumstances as different,” she added.

Watch the video below:

Psaki’s comments come after Republican lawmakers in the Georgia legislature passed a controversial new election that President Joe Biden has described as “Jim Crow in the 21st Century.”

The law is facing legal challenges.

Georgia Republicans passed the law in March following former President Donald Trump’s repeated and unsubstantiated allegations of widespread fraud in the presidential election that titled the result’s in Biden’s favor.

Georgia’s top elections officials, who are Republicans such as Gabriel Sterling, the state’s voting system implementation manager, have debunked Trump’s claims.

The law shortens the time to request absentee ballots from 180 days to 78 days and bans election officials from mailing ballot applications to all voters. It also requires voters to write their driver’s license number or state-issued identification number on their ballot application.

Additionally, it bars third-party organizations, people who are not election workers, from handing out food or water to people standing in line to vote within 150 feet of the polling location.

The law also puts new limits on early voting hours to ensure that voting only occurs between the hours of 7 a.m. and 7 p.m. during weekdays. It stipulates that early voting will begin four weeks before election day and requires that two Saturdays be made available for early voting.

But it does not require that early voting be available on Sundays, a popular day that Black churches organize to take church-goers to vote.

And it bans mobile voting, where recreational vehicles travel around counties to bring polling locations to the voters unless there is a state of emergency. According to the Brennan Center for Justice, mobile voting was only used in Fulton County, which is the county with the largest population of Black voters.

The law has received backlash as CEOs of companies such as Delta Airlines, and Coca-Cola have criticized the law. Delta is the state’s largest employer. Additionally, Major League Baseball (MLB) announced it is moving the All-Star Game from Atlanta.

Despite the outrage over the law and claims that it will suppress the vote, the Times’ Nate Cohn, who covers polling and demographics for the paper, said that the law might make voting invperson easier even while making voting by absentee ballot harder.

Additionally, he argued, “it does mean that many such voting provisions, like that in Georgia, are unlikely to have a huge effect on turnout or Democratic chances.”

Georgia Gov. Brian Kemp (R) defended the law as he claimed the suggestion that the bill will suppress votes is “misinformation.” Instead, he argued it expands access to voting.


  1. I need an ID to pick up movie tickets, get a driver’s license and many other tasks. Why not to vote? Is voting less important?

  2. No fraud? Possibly.
    Irregularities? No doubt about it., by the tens of thousands.

    How about the mail in ballots that were counted even though they didn’t have a witness sign they watched the ballot holder fill it out?

    How about the mail in ballots that were counted even though they didn’t have an address on the form, which is required?

    How about the mail in ballots that were bulk mailed out to people who didn’t even ask for them?

    Was there fraud? Again probably.

    Where there irregularities? Absolutely no doubt.

    Why is ID a problem?
    State that require an ID also will provide one FREE.
    My grandkids have to have a picture ID to go to school, have so for years.
    Walmart requires an ID to put things in layaway and to make payments on layaway.
    City busses require a picture ID if you are using a bus card.
    If someone really wants to vote and exercise their right to do so, they will get an ID.
    Airlines require an ID to board a plane.
    Clubs and bars require an ID to enter the premises.
    Stores require an ID to buy beer.
    The list goes on.

    Limiting the number of days early voting is a problem how?
    Most poll workers are there as volunteers, why should they have to sit for days waiting for someone to get off their butt and come vote?
    I’ve been early voting for over 30 years, never had an issue.
    If you know you are going to vote, why wait until the day of the election to register and vote?

    Were you aware that Joe Biden’s home State of Delaware does not allow early voting?
    You can only vote on the day of the election between 7A and 8P, only 13 hours.
    You can qualify for absentee voting.

    Delaware requires voters to present non-photo identification while voting.
    The following list of accepted ID was current as of April 2021.

    Delaware Drivers License or State ID….. this has a picture
    U. S. Passport……… this also has a picture
    Signed Polling Place or Social Security Card…. no idea what a polling place ID is
    Signed vehicle registration
    Signed credit card with photo …… obviously has a picture
    A similar document that identifies the person by photo or signature …….obviously has a picture
    Voters who do not present proof of identity can “sign an affidavit of affirmation that the voter is the person listed on the election district record,” according to Delaware Code.[5]


  3. With 30 years as a poll worker the process was always the same. Want to vote absentee? Make a request and provide a reason for being unable to vote in person. Travel, college and illness were the usual. Until the last election and the introduction of the Dominion machines here in PA.
    If the BOE requested ID then we would ask to see ID. Many showed it because they thought it was the right thing to do even when no requested.
    If Republicans, who were asleep while the liberals plotted, the Republicans will never have another president.
    Psaki is the snarkiest and most uninformed press secretary EVER. But then so is her “boss”
    Jim Crow! Biden is hopeless.

  4. I realize her job is to defend her boss but isn’t there a limit to the destruction of the country as well as her reputation. Like her boss, I guess Jen doesn’t care about that

  5. can’t believe saki said that… everything biden and camel toes harris is built on a lie… is saki woke

  6. Am I the only one who noticed that these EXACT same words, “The Georgia legislation is built on a lie” has been repeated over and over by the mindless Myna birds of msm hundreds of times?

  7. Wacky Psaki wants Democrats to have the ability to rig elections in their favor. It’s been their way of operating for decades. Look at the cheating that took place by the Hillarrhoid in 2016. The Democrat State Media repeatedly claims the election was fair and legal. They try so hard to convince everyone, no questions asked, no questions allowed.

  8. So, If there is no fraudulent activity, why would anyone object to showing a legitimate form of identification to vote? That’s certainly not suppression. I have to show ID to order a drink, despite my greying hair!

  9. The only lie is the number of legitimate votes Mad King Biden received from legal voters before the polls closed. Millions of votes were cast and counted after the polls had closed and after the counting had reportedly been stopped for the night. Then, the evidence (envelopes) was destroyed. Now we’re subject to an insane dictator. America’s prosperity and way of life is gone. Bankruptcy, corruption, suspension of Constitutional rights and a tsunami of illegals is all that’s left.

  10. Has anyone asked her why, compared to Georgia, both New York (Schumer’s state) and Delaware (Biden’s state) have stricter limits on the number of early voting days, as well as eligibility for who can cast absentee ballots?

    1. Who’s going to ask her that? The MSM certainly isn’t going to bring it up. Doesn’t fit their agenda.

  11. We all know that Raggedy Jenny is ugly, stupid, rude and a liar. We now know that she can’t read either.
    Keep lying, lefties. It’s what you do best.

  12. “What there was, however, was record-setting turn out especially by voters of color.”

    what there was was a record number of people of color voting republican. your only claim of voter suppression is saying back people are too stupid to figure out how to get a voter ID

  13. I don’t see what is so restrictive about those voting regulations. The integrity of the vote must be maintained. It doesn’t matter if there was fraud in the presidential election or not. If the election exposed weaknesses in the voting process then they should be fixed before they are exploited for evil purposes.

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