Punks Think They Have an Easy Target, But They Start Running After Realizing What 76-Year-Old Nun's Prayer Has Done


Two punks thought they would make an easy profit by robbing a Christian community center, but instead they experienced one nun’s divine inspiration.

According to Buffalo News, last Saturday, two would-be thieves allegedly tried to steal copper downspouts from the roof of the Response to Love Center in Buffalo, New York.

One of the thieves climbed up to the roof on a ladder, while the other stayed on the ground to keep watch. That’s when something unexpected happened.

Sister Mary Johnice Rzadkiewicz, the director of the center, had woken up early to pray when she heard a noise on the roof and went to see what was happening. “I opened the door and there was the ladder right in front of my doorway,” she told Buffalo News.

She screamed at the thieves to get away, saying, “This is God’s mission.” But she didn’t stop there.

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Instead, Sister Johnice decided to take action. She said a prayer for strength and then knocked the ladder over.

“I threw the ladder down, which was huge as could be, and lo and behold, they ran away.”

The story is even more ironic because, according to Buffalo News, the center does not have copper pipes, as they were stolen years ago and replaced with aluminum.

Sister Johnice said that despite the altercation, she feels sorry that the thieves have chosen this path and continues to pray for them.

“Every day I’ve been praying for these two thugs,” she said.

This amazing story serves two purposes for us. First, it shows the power of prayer and of faith in God.

Sister Johnice is a 76-year-old nun who would not have been able to stand up physically to two much younger men. But she prayed for strength and received the courage and ability to topple a massive ladder and defend her home from the thieves.

Second, this story should serve as a lesson to our governing authorities. It is not always hard to stop crime; all you have to do is show criminals that there are consequences for their actions.

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The leaders of many of our major cities have been unable to stop a rise in violent crime across the country, oftentimes complaining that resources are stretched to the limit — no doubt due in part to the insane “defund the police” movement.

But if a 76-year-old unarmed nun was able to stop two would-be thieves, then city leaders definitely have the ability to stop crime.

Through the power of prayer, Sister Johnice was able to keep her community center safe from criminals. Our leaders should take a lesson from this brave woman.

This article appeared originally on The Western Journal.

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