GA Secretary of State Pressed on if He Would Vote for Trump Again


Georgia Secretary of State Brad Raffensperger (R) has found himself coming under fire by President Donald Trump, and now, he is being pressed on if he would vote for Trump again if the president ran in the 2024 presidential election.

Raffensperger weighed in on if he would support Trump again during Monday’s interview on “Good Morning America.”

“I support Republicans — I always have and I probably always will,” Raffensperger said.

When pressed for clarification on if he would vote for Trump again, the Georgia secretary of state added, “Well, President Trump is not on the ballot in 2024 right now so we’ll just have to wait and see what would happen.”

Watch Raffensperger’s comments below:

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Raffensperger also spoke about the recent phone call — obtained by The Washington Post — he had with Trump over the weekend, where the president asked him to “find” more than 11,000 votes in an effort to overturn the election.

“He did most of the talking. We did most of the listening but I did want to make my points — the data that he has is just plain wrong,” Raffensperger said during his “Good Morning America” interview.

He added, “All I know is we’re going to follow the law, follow the process — truth matters, and we’ve been fighting these movements for the last two months.”

Regarding his vote for Trump, Raffensperger previously shared that he and his family voted for him in the election and donated to him but were “being thrown under the bus by him” afterward.

He wrote in a USA Today op-ed, “Elections are the bedrock of our democracy. They need to be run fairly and, perhaps more important, impartially. That’s not partisan. That’s just American. Yet some don’t seem to see it that way.”

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