Ramaswamy Praises Tucker Carlson on Fox News As Hannity Grills Him About His Background


Former Fox News host Tucker Carlson got a shout-out on his old network.

On Thursday, Republican presidential hopeful Vivek Ramaswamy faced a grilling from Fox News’ Sean Hannity.

Ramaswamy argued if someone makes money “off you’re time in government” then they are not fit to be the President of the United States.

However, Hannity interjected, “A lot of people don’t think you’re qualified because you weren’t even a Republican or voting Republican till what? 2020?”

“Well, Sean, it depends on what your objectives with this interview are,” Ramaswamy responded.

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He noted his first vote was for a libertarian candidate and that he voted for Republicans in 2020 before adding, “I’m not a partisan hack.”

Watch the video below:

Hannity said he would “forgive” Ramaswamy’s “screw-up” before stating, “It sounds to me like you just want to jump from the private sector yourself where you made a lot of money… I actually think the people working in the defense of our country in the defense industry are playing a vital role for the cause of freedom. So I don’t really call it a corrupting influence.”

Ramaswamy shot back, touting his recent interview with Carlson as he said, “One of the things I loved about that interview with Tucker was we were actually able to have a thoughtful conversation and go deep into issues rather than this kind of political gotchya… You should watch the actual interview.”

Hannity said he thought the interview was “great” and told his guest to “praise Tucker all you want,” before adding, “I got along great with him… I’ve got nothing but nice things to say.”

After the two sparred about whether Ramaswamy lies about his own comments when confronted about them in interviews, Hannity wound down the exchange saying, “Thank you, goodbye… I think it’s asinine to think somebody that worked in the defense industry should not be qualified to be president. I think people that never held office — like you — maybe they’re not qualified to be president.”

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