Ramaswamy Shares Strange Answer About What Differentiates Him From Trump


Presidential hopeful Vivek Ramaswamy is opening up about what sets him apart from former President Donald Trump.

During an interview on Fox News, Ramaswamy was asked what sets him apart from Trump — who he has called the best president of the 21st Century.

And his answer was quite lame: I’m young.

Fox News’ Sandra Smith noted Trump has also praised Ramaswamy if he continued to rise in the polls, the former president could be a competitor.

“How do you differentiate yourself? We know your similarities, where do you differentiate yourself?” she asked.

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Ramaswamy responded, “I’m 38-years-old. I have fresh legs. We are reaching the next generation of young Americans. That is why I can win this election in a landslide in a way that no other candidate can.”

He went on to share how he has campaigned in areas that are not typically friendly to Republicans. However, Smith interjected, “Does that mean you’re directly aligned with his policies? I didn’t hear a difference other than age.”

Ramaswamy insisted, “We have some of our areas of differences but they are small. By and large, we’re the two America First candidates in this race. Everybody else embraces the neo-con foreign policy view. So I think we’re aligned on policy 90% of the way.”

Watch the video below:

Some of the differences he highlighted included his pledges to “rescind Affirmative Action, “militarize the southern border,” and shut down the Education Department.

“Those are details. But the main difference is I will be able to unite this country by leading the next generation of Americans to a vision of what it means to be an American,” he added.

There’s nothing wrong necessarily with focusing on your youth when the two front-runners for the Democratic and Republican presidential nominations are in their 80s and late 70s.

Yet, that by itself with “small” differences in policy is not enough. It is a rather arrogant and out-of-touch perspective that young voters will flock to Ramaswamy merely because he is young and performs Eminem’s songs during campaign stops.

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It also ignores the fact that even though Trump is 77, there are still a lot of young conservatives who really, really like him and think he was and would be a great president.

When you lavish praise on the front-runner, refuse to criticize him, and the main thing that you say sets you apart is age, it looks more like you are running to be his vice president than for the nomination.

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