'There You Go Again': Rand Paul, Fauci Trade Barbs During Explosive Senate Hearing


Dr. Anthony Fauci is accusing Sen. Rand Paul (R-Ky.) of politicizing the COVID-19 pandemic and attacking him to rake in campaign contributions.

During a hearing on Tuesday, Paul asked, “Do you really think it’s appropriate to use your $420,000 salary to attack scientists that disagree with you?”

The Kentucky senator’s question referred to a report that claimed Fauci and National Institutes of Health Director Francis Collins tried to discredit a paper that advocated against lockdowns in response to the coronavirus.

Fauci responded, “I think in usual fashion, senator, you are distorting everything about me.”

Paul appeared to suggest that Fauci got Wired to write a report discrediting the alternative response to the virus at the urging of Collins.

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“That’s not what went on. There you go again, you just do the same thing every hearing,” Fauci fired back. “You’re absolutely incorrect. As usual, senator, you’re incorrect.”

Watch the video below:

He continued, “Senator, we are here at a committee [hearing] to look at a virus now that has killed almost 900,000 people. And the purpose of the [hearing] was to try and get things out, how we can help the American public. And you keep coming back to personal attacks on me that have absolutely no relevance to reality.”

Paul interjected to press Fauci on whether he believes his recommendations for how to respond to the virus have been a “great success” as he noted that more Americans died in 2021 than in 2020.

Fauci responded, “This happens all the time. You personally attack me and with absolutely not a shred of evidence of anything you say…He’s doing this for political reasons.”

When Paul tried to interrupt, Fauci shot back, “You don’t want me to finish. You know what I’m going to say.”

He continued, “As some of you may know…on Dec. 21, a person was arrested who was on their way from Sacramento to Washington, D.C., at a speed stop in Iowa. And the police asked him where he was going, and he was going to Washington, D.C., to kill Dr. Fauci. And they found in his car an AR-15 and multiple magazines of ammunition because he thinks that maybe I’m killing people.”

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“So I asked myself, why would the senator want to do this? So go to Rand Paul website, and you see ‘Fire Dr. Fauci’ with a little box that says ‘contribute here.’ You can do $5, $10, $20, $100. So you are making a catastrophic epidemic for your political gain,” Fauci added.

As he spoke, Fauci held up a printout from Paul’s website that featured his face with a banner that read “Fire Dr. Fauci.”

Paul and Fauci have regularly sparred during Senate hearings, as IJR reported.

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