Joy Reid Revels in the Idea of DeSantis Asking Biden for Federal Aid As State Emerges From Hurricane Ian


MSNBC host Joy Reid is just giddy at the thought of Florida Gov. Ron DeSantis (R) asking President Joe Biden for federal aid to help his state recover from Hurricane Ian.

Reid had former Florida Republican Rep. David Jolly on her show to discuss the storm.

The host noted there are “two kinds of ways to run for office.” She first listed “paid media,” where people pay for ads. The other is “earned media,” which is when a politician receives attention without paying for an ad.

She suggested DeSantis is receiving a lot of “earned media” for the press conferences he is holding to talk about the storm.

Jolly agreed as he said, “A governor, a president in a time of crisis and tragedy has the opportunity to present strong leadership. And in the early days, that leadership really goes unquestioned…I think there’s a lot of heat coming toward Ron DeSantis for a couple of reasons.”

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“He is now a Republican governor who needs one person to help him. And it’s Joe Biden. And he needs the help of Joe Biden. And then he also needs the help of Nancy Pelosi and Chuck Schumer,” he added.

The former Congressman then stated the obvious, which is: Florida cannot “absorb the tragedy that just happened” by itself. Name a state that could. Florida is not alone in seeking federal aid to help rebuild from a massive storm or natural disaster. Seeking federal aid after a disaster does not inherently mean the state is in an especially weak position economically.

Watch the video below:

Reid then pointed out DeSantis opposed hurricane relief for New York and New Jersey after Hurricane Sandy.

“He said no, that shouldn’t happen,” Reid said, adding, “And now, as you said, he’s now gotta go hat in hand to Joe Biden for aid. It’s something he didn’t even believe in as a tea partier.”

Jolly suggested DeSantis is going to go from being a “no government conservative” to being a “big government Republican.”

It does seem hypocritical to oppose aid for other states when you are in Congress, and then ask for aid for your state as a governor.

But from a purely political standpoint, if you are a Congressmember, it makes sense to oppose sending millions to another state. That is not in your district’s interest. And asking for aid for your state as governor is in its interests.

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Jolly also claimed DeSantis should show “grace” and “gratitude” to the federal government.

The imagery of Reid and Jolly excitedly suggesting DeSantis could blow his potential 2024 chances by trying to help his state, while the chyron reads, “IAN ONE OF MOST DESTRUCTIVE STORMS IN FL HISTORY” is ghoulish.

There will be a time to analyze DeSantis’ behavior and handling of the storm. But less than 24 hours after the storm is done pummeling the state, while the full extent of the damage is nowhere close to being known, is not that time.

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