Reporter Asks McCarthy How It Feels Dining With Hunter Biden at the WH As GOP Prepares Probes


House Minority Leader Kevin McCarthy (R-Calif.) was asked how he feels dining with one of the people his party aims to investigate when it takes power in January.

McCarthy attended a state dinner at the White House and took some questions from reporters.

One reporter asked the California Republican what some of the issues are that he believes his party and the White House will work on in the next Congress.

“The economy, making us energy independent, I think securing our borders, stopping fentanyl. Holding government accountable. They haven’t had much of that,” McCarthy responded.

He added, “And I think the country, this last election was a check and balance.”

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Another reporter noted President Joe Biden’s son Hunter Biden was going to be at the dinner and asked, “How does that feel knowing that many people in your caucus want to investigate him?”

“Well, I’m at dinner with my mom. We’ll have a great time,” McCarthy said.

Watch the video below:

Do you think Republicans should investigate Hunter Biden?

Rep. James Comer (R-Ky.), who will be the chair of the House Oversight Committee in the next Congress, told CNN last month Republicans will subpoena Hunter Biden.

“There’s no plans to subpoena Joe Biden. There are plans to subpoena Hunter Biden,” Comer said.

When asked about a potential timeline for the investigation, the Kentucky Republican responded, “I mean, you know, if I were a Hunter Biden fan, I would want to come before my committee and prove my innocence because I said some things today that should be very concerning to Hunter Biden.”

He explained there are no plans to subpoena the president because “It’s complicated to subpoena a President of the United States.”

In October, Comer also shared his belief that investigations into the Biden family could impact the president’s chances of running again in 2024.

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“There are a lot of questions that Joe Biden is going to have to answer with respect to his son and his brother’s influence peddling that’s happened over the past decade. So all of this together, I put the odds of Joe Biden even seeking the Democrat nomination, very, very low,” he told Fox News.

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