Head on a Pike? Republican Senators Object After Schiff Cites Impeachment Threat

Representative Adam Schiff, making his closing argument in the impeachment trial of U.S. President Donald Trump on Friday, seemed to have the Senate chamber more or less rapt, with lawmakers listening respectfully, whether they agreed with his arguments or not.

Then the Democratic congressman mentioned a CBS News report about a Trump confidante suggesting serious ramifications for Republican senators if they voted against the president, and the mood on the Republican side of the aisle shifted. Dramatically.

“Not true,” Senator Susan Collins of Maine declared out loud as fellow Republicans responded audibly and disgustedly at Schiff’s remarks.

Collins is a moderate Republican whose support Democrats are trying to win. Her response and that of her colleagues was all the more notable because senators had been warned not to talk during the proceedings or face potential imprisonment.

But Schiff’s remarks had touched a nerve. Leading the prosecution of Trump for Democrats from the House of Representatives, Schiff had cited a report suggesting that Republicans, known as members of the Grand Old Party (GOP), had been threatened.

“CBS News reported last night that a Trump confidante said that GOP senators were warned: vote against your president … and your head will be on a pike,” Schiff said.

“I hope it’s not true. But I was struck by the irony of the idea, when we’re talking about a president who would make himself a monarch, that whoever that was would use the terminology of a penalty that was imposed by a monarch, a head on a pike.”

Republicans said they were insulted.

“The whole room was visibly upset on our side of it. It’s insulting and demeaning to everyone to say that we live in fear and that the president has threatened all of us,” Republican Senator James Lankford of Oklahoma told reporters later. “Nothing like going through three days of frustration and then cap it off with an insult.”

Republicans control the U.S. Senate and are not expected to convict and remove Trump from office in the impeachment trial. Many have complained that Schiff and other prosecuting lawmakers, known as managers in the trial, had presented a repetitive and unconvincing case against Trump.

If they needed more fodder, they got it on Friday, even though Schiff made clear he did not know if the CBS report had been true.

Democrats have accused Trump of being an authoritarian and charged him with abusing his office by pressuring Ukraine to investigate former Vice President Joe Biden, a 2020 Democratic presidential contender, and then obstructing Congress’ inquiry into the matter by barring witnesses and withholding documents.

Trump’s lawyers will begin presenting his defense in the trial on Saturday.

(Reporting by Jeff Mason; additional reporting by David Morgan, Makini Brice and Nandita Bose; editing by Grant McCool)


  1. To me: “You are full of bs” Bonnie Keaver

    Prove it.

    Everything that I wrote below is the truth. Not my interpretation of the truth, but the whole truth.

    Every single American Fascist Senator who votes to protect King Donald The Loser will have been pressured to do so by either KDTL himself, Moscow Mitch or Cult-45 or else lose power. That is undenyable.

    Do you understand what just happened to Matt Gaetz? Do you really? Every other Senator or Rep. does. That’s why an unprecedented number of them have thrown up their hands and quit before the next election.

    Where’s the BS, Bonnie?

  2. We have to stand up to you and your party confuction. We do not need to “stand up to” President Trump. He has done more to make this country secure and moving forward than the last 10 demonrat/communist presidents from your party. It is your party that wants totalitarian rule not mine.

  3. “It’s insulting and demeaning to everyone to say that we live in fear and that the president has threatened all of us,” Republican Senator James Lankford

    It’s true, Senator. The whole American Fascist Party members have been neutered by King Donald The Loser and Cult-45. None of you have the guts to stand up to Dear Leader. Even the few touted as possibles won’t stand up for justice or even decency now.

    You fell for his false promises and lies, at first, then you started fearing for your seats. You are between a rock and a hard place and y’all know it. You know your supporters or your party members will turn on you instantly if you waver even slightly with your support of your king. Just look at what happened to Matt Gaetz, recently, if you need an example. But you know that well, don’t you? That’s why y’all cower behind His Majesty’s robes.

    Heads on a pike indeed!

  4. Just wait until the fall — it will be Schiff Show 2.0. If by chance President Trump is reelected in November 2021 will start off with Schiff Show 3.0. Schiff’s obsessive behavior will NOT stop until our president is out of office (and I hope President Trump serves a full second term).

  5. Do people actually believe Schiff’s garbage??? This is what desperation and hate look like.

  6. This is an unattributed remark, which likely means its a lie.

    Yet I recall a certain failed, former president who made a violent remark about bringing “guns to a knife fight”. That one is documented AND recorded.

    As if political disagreements demanded violence and greater force in his “thinking”.

    No one objected to that nor was there a flap. My how double-standards work.

  7. More lies. “Trump confidante” is the same as saying “anonymous source” or “we’re making this up” and has as much integrity.

    It’s my hope the Republicant’s have more sense than to buy this BS,.

  8. Funny. “Take her out” meaning fired is a death threat just like an alleged unconfirmed “put your head on a pike” is. Schiff is full of er, Schiff.

  9. Schiff’s entire case is a lie. I’m betting this pike thing is too. Just look at the lies leaked to media since Trump won. This truly has been an all out attempt to coup Trump from day one. These people should be charged with sedition.

  10. Easy for Schiff Head to see the comparison between a pike and his pencil neck when looking in the mirror.

  11. You are wrong again confuction the unknowing. fascism is on your side of the aisle. ANYTHING that deals with totalitarianism is a left wing subsidiary. Your party is the party of communism, fascism and ALL other modes of one party rule. You think you are smarter than anyone else and everyone should follow you right of the cliff just like the “useful idiots” who voted lenin in office. Your party loves to dictate to everyone all things of life and will stop at nothing to accomplish that goal. Your party is indeed the anti-Christ and is the most evil thing in the universe. Please take shiff hole and put him back up where the sun don’t shine.

    1. “ANYTHING that deals with totalitarianism is a left wing subsidiary.” The Real Bob.

      You are so ignorant. Go back to school and learn even the basics of politics.

  12. “… a president who would make himself a monarch …”

    Isn’t that what Obama (“The One”) was trying to do? Funny how Schiff accuses Trump of that.

  13. Schiff hole relying on Fake News—-how typical—-dufus Schiff.

  14. Schiff is looking to get tapped for his own reality show. He does love the sound of his own whiny lyin’ voice.

  15. Schiff insulted the intelligence of EVERY American; not just those in the Senate Chamber. He repeatedly lied, twisted the facts, repeated, rewound and regurgitated his lies to suggest the President needed to be removed from Office simply because of his personal hatred of Trump. Schiff is the one; along with hypocrites Nadler, Lofgren and Jeffries, et al (for voting AGAINST aid for Ukraine in FY2019 – $250 million – and FY2020 – $300 million) who need to be removed from Office.

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