Susan Rice: Obama Admin Prepared Incoming Admin With ‘a Pandemic for Dummies Playbook’

Former National Security Adviser Susan Rice, who served in former President Barack Obama’s administration, is slamming the Trump administration’s response to the coronavirus pandemic.

Rice is pointing out a pandemic playbook “for dummies” was left behind for the incoming administration, adding that a pandemic was “inevitable.”

“We prepared the [Trump] administration with a pandemic for dummies playbook and a tabletop exercise,” Rice said during an appearance on ABC’s “The View.”

She added, “So the fault here, the tragic loss of 150,000 Americans and counting, is on Donald Trump and his gross mishandling of this pandemic.”

Rice — who is speculated to be considered for Joe Biden’s running mate in 2020 — tore into President Donald Trump for saying COVID-19 would “go away,” pushing for states to reopen, and urging children to go back to school in the fall.

“Every step of the way, Donald Trump has put his own personal political interests ahead of the health and wellbeing and the economic security of America,” Rice continued. “That is why this tragedy has been as bad as it has been.”

Watch the video below:

Following reports that the Trump administration threw out a pandemic response playbook from the Obama administration, White House Press Secretary Kayleigh McEnany said that the current administration instead “exchanged” the playbook.

“Some have erroneously suggested that the Trump administration threw out the pandemic response playbook left by the Obama-Biden administration,” McEnany previously said at a briefing. “What the critics failed to note, however, is that this thin packet of paper was replaced by two detailed, robust pandemic response reports commissioned by the Trump administration.”

Senate Majority Leader Mitch McConnell (R-Ky.) previously suggested the Obama administration “did not leave to this administration any kind of game plan.” He, however, later admitted that he was wrong.

The Obama administration did leave a pandemic playbook for the incoming administration. The playbook reads, “While each emerging infectious disease threat will present itself in a unique way, a consistent, capabilities-based approach to addressing these threats will allow for faster decisions with more targeted expert subject matter input from federal departments and agencies,” according to CNN.


  1. OBSIDIAN- Because there’s a playbook saying that pandemics happen, that means that it was planned? How far up your butt is your head? Maybe think about pulling it out.

  2. So, she admits the plandemic was premeditated. Was the obozo playbook left before or after he depleted and failed to restock the mask supply?

  3. The Obama administration saw a quick response to H1N1, and made a couple of fumbles along the way, but saw the disease met with a loss of about 12,600 lives, over the course of a year.

    The Trump administration is seven months into its pandemic, with 150,000 dead so far, and we keep getting assurances that it will clear up soon, and that some malaria drug is the magic bullet. (Hint for you slow learners: 150,000 is more than 12,500. About 12 times more.)

    Everybody knew a new disease would show up. They always do.

    1. 150,000? At least influenza cases have been absolute 0, among other forms of death. Amazing how that works. How many people died from Alzheimer’s this year?

  4. So dummies don’t need medical supplies to fight a pandemic? Is that why Obama didn’t replenish the supplies? He thought everyone besides himself was a dummy?

  5. Is she trying to tell us something? Did they foresee a pandemic. Sure sounds like it.

  6. Wow looking good baby. Kidding, liar liar men’s underpants on fire.

  7. How desperate she is to put herself in the limelight and hopefully as Biden’s VP running mate.

  8. Like ANYONE is out there that believes a single word that woman spews!! Who are they kidding?

  9. What hooey and how inappropriate for this woman to even bring it up. I read that they did horribly with the HINI. Like others, why did Obama believe a pandemic was in the future. I think the Dems worked with China to release this and what Rice is saying now seems to confirm it was in the DNC plan to take down their GOP opponent, whoever it was and if HillBilly lsot.

  10. So Osama would have cured COVID 19 before it emerged, sure. That is not what former and current health experts say. COVID is like nothing we have encountered prior so how would a “playbook” have helped. Maybe it read something like: “Don’t allow any unknown disease to infect the populous and if it does utilized health experts to combat it”. Problem solved.

  11. Sounds like it was a complete set up by the outgoing administration. How did they know a pandemic was coming during Trump’s administration??? Very interesting. And to niw say it’s all on Trump is absolutely ludicrous!!! One person is not to blame for the whole population’s behavior. She’s an idiot to even try to push such an idea!! Every individual us responsible fir what they do no one else!!!

  12. Susan Rice is a liar big time. They may have left a playbook, but I doubt it. Even if they did leave a playbook, they did not restock the necessary medical supplies. So Pres Trump has done a reall great job of getting the supplies made. Good old lying Susan Rice. When they need someone to come out and spout something off even if it is a lie, she is happy to do it.

  13. Obama’s playbook was wipe out all of the national supplies, do nothing, and let people die. Hell of a playbook.

  14. No doubt! They created it because the Obama Administration was full of Dummies. Like with the H1N1 virus.

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