‘We’re in Deep Sh*t’: Ousted Vaccine Director Rick Bright Recalls Coronavirus Outbreak Reaction During Hearing

In his testimony before Congress, ousted vaccine director Dr. Rick Bright, bluntly recalled the moment that he realized that the United States was not prepared for the coming coronavirus pandemic.

Bright said on Thursday, “I’ll never forget the emails that I received from Mike Bowen indicating that our mass supplier, N95 respirator supplier, was completely decimated, and he said, ‘We’re in deep sh*t, the world is, and we need to act.'”

Mike Bowen leads a medical supply company called Prestige Ameritech and offered his services to the government in late January as the “last major domestic mask company.”

Bright added, “I pushed [Bowen’s remarks] forward to the highest levels I could in HHS and got no response. From that moment, I knew that we were going to have a crisis for our healthcare workers because we were not taking action. We were already behind the ball.”

He continued, “That was our last window of opportunity to turn on that production to save the lives of those healthcare workers and we didn’t act.”

Bright is the former director of the Biomedical Advanced Research and Development Authority (BARDA) and the Office of Special Counsel. He was removed in April. Asked about Bright’s ousting in late April, President Donald Trump refused to answer the question.

In a formal whistleblower complaint, Bright said that contracts were being awarded to “companies with political connections to the administration.” The complaint claimed that “HHS leadership pressured Dr. Bright and BARDA to ignore expert recommendations and instead to award lucrative contracts based on political connections and cronyism.”

Bright’s testimony before Congress on Thursday offered harrowing warnings, telling lawmakers, “Our window of opportunity is closing … Without clear planning and implementation of the steps that I and other experts have outlined, 2020 will be darkest winter in modern history,” as his prepared remarks read.


  1. The only reason we’re in deep doo doo is because you want us to be in it. The virus is about the same as the flu. It actually kills less. The flu kills every year. How come we don’t shut down the country for that? Sounds like you want to shut it down because you have no other idea on how to defeat Trump. So mail in ballots to ‘save us’ will be the next answer. Idiots!

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    1. It’s not Trump, dumbass. It’s the Devilcrats. He wants the country to open up, they are holding it back. Look at the blue states, they all want to keep it closed.

      1. Yeah, because that’s how we contain the Trump Virus short of any effective vaccine.

        Multi-Friend is confused.

        We HAVE updated flu vaccines released each year because we understand a bit with how it normally works. We aren’t there yet with C-19, so we still need to be smart and live within the approved guidelines.

        1. You’d be better off if you stop drinking the Kool Aid and think for Yourself, Instead of falling in line and supporting the Biggest Mistake this Country has ever made. This is a massive Fraud on us. Why are you so Willing to Lose your Civil Liberties and your Freedoms?
          The info is out their.

          1. Randie is confused.

            This administration supports a fascistic lesder and a lot of them are quite willing to havd an overbearing one-party state. Moscow Mitch, for example, is DESPERATE to take more rights away from us. YOU are going to willingly let him do it, too. You certainly are not protesting him from trying.

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          1. So you are insane and equally depraved and evil for thinking this pandemic funny.

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