Royal Staff Felt 'Sick' Before Meetings With Meghan – Harry 'Carried Out Loyalty Tests': Report


Rumors indicate Prince Harry and Meghan, Duchess of Sussex, weren’t the best employers.

In fact, the two ex-royals have been accused of mistreating their personal assistants, known in the U.K. as courtiers.

For example, Harry would often force his courtiers to perform “loyalty tests” according to royal expert Valentine Low.

“He used to send them loyalty tests. He was always saying ‘are you actually helping me or have you become one of them?'” Low told Good Morning Britain on Wednesday.

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Apparently, Meghan wasn’t much better of a boss, Low claimed.

Insider sources told Low that Meghan bullied staff, leaving many people “completely destroyed.”

“I’ve heard how people at the time when faced with a possible encounter with Meghan were saying things like ‘I feel sick’ or ‘I’m shaking,'” Low said.

“Extraordinary things for an employee to say about the prospect of seeing their employer in half an hour.”

A number of the courtiers who worked with Meghan now reportedly refer to themselves as the “Sussex Survivors’ Club.”

Later in his interview with Good Morning Britain, Low detailed Harry and Meghan’s motivations.

According to Low, before he even met Meghan, Harry had an obsessive, “paranoid” hatred for the media.

As the younger prince with no prospect of ruling, Harry was obsessed with his “shelf-life,” Low explained.

The prince reportedly felt that he only had a small window to do things of importance before being forgotten by the media.

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“Now, when Meghan came along, all that got exaggerated,” Low said.

Eventually, this seemingly led the two to abandon their royal duties before later airing out their grievances with the royal family during a 2021 interview with Oprah Winfrey.

The two decided to move to California in order to pursue careers in the American entertainment industry. This wish was eventually granted when Harry and Meghan signed a massive deal with the streaming service Netflix.

The couple is set to produce a number of documentaries, docu-series, scripted content, films and even children’s shows for Netflix.

Presumably, the two royals may star in some of the projects as well.

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