Sanders Says Presidential Rival Bloomberg Will Not Excite Voters

Democratic U.S. presidential candidate Bernie Sanders said on Saturday Mike Bloomberg would not generate the “excitement and energy” needed to win the White House, focusing on a rival still not fully participating in the race.

“The simple truth is that Mayor Bloomberg, with all his money, will not create the kind of excitement and energy we need to have the voter turnout we must have to defeat Donald Trump,” Sanders said at a Democratic party gala.

Sanders, eager to build momentum after winning New Hampshire and a photo-finish for first place in Iowa, mentioned only the billionaire former New York City mayor among his competitors in a Las Vegas speech. He was critical of Bloomberg’s stances on minimum wage laws, policing, taxing the rich and regulating Wall Street.

Nevada will hold on Feb. 22 the next contest in the state-by-state race to pick a Democratic opponent for Republican President Trump in November’s election.

Bloomberg was not at the event in Las Vegas and is not competing in Nevada. He is choosing instead to focus on states that vote starting on March 3’s “Super Tuesday,” including Virginia, where Bloomberg campaigned on Saturday. His campaign did not immediately respond to a request for comment outside of normal working hours.

Sanders’ remarks appeared dismissive of other candidates who did speak at the forum. They included former South Bend, Indiana, Mayor Pete Buttigieg, who raced Sanders to a photo finish in the Iowa caucus and trailed him only narrowly in New Hampshire earlier this month.

Former U.S. Vice President Joe Biden criticized Sanders, though not by name, in his own speech for Sanders’ prior support of a law shielding gun manufacturers from some liability for mass shootings.

Earlier in the day, Biden taped an interview with NBC’s “Meet the Press” where he said Sanders should “disown” some supporters for aggressive attacks on the senator’s critics.

Most of the other candidates avoided confrontations despite just a week until Nevada’s caucus.

“The bad news is, after more than 100,000 selfies, I picked up somebody’s cold,” candidate Elizabeth Warren told the crowd, her voice cracking and barely audible. “The good news is, ‘nevertheless she persists.’ I’m on this stage tonight because I am a fighter.”

Early voting started in Nevada on Saturday, with 11,800 Democrats participating. One party official characterized turnout as higher than expected.

(Reporting by Trevor Hunnicutt; Editing by Muralikumar Anantharaman)

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  1. “WHO & HOW is Bernie being “sidelined”?” Phyllis

    The DNC will try their damnedest to lock Bernie out with a brokered convention. They will try to cheat and steal it from him, unless Bernie has overwhelming numbers.

    Five-Thirty-Eight has Bernie getting 1506 delegates of the 1990 that he needs. Biden might get over 800, if he stays in until the convention. The DNC will try to convince the remaining candidates to stay in as long as they can, to deny Bernie their delegates and along with the Super Delegates, the DNC will be able to pick and choose who THEY want to be the next president and Veep.

    Bernie needs overwhelming numbers to stop the DNC and even THAT may not be enough. Watch and see.

    1. If ANY candidate has overwhelming numbers they win the majority of the delegates. NO candidate has attained that thus far. Bernie lost the Iowa caucus to Buttigieg by a fraction and he won the NH primary to Buttigieg by 1.3%. Not overwhelming. In 2016, you claimed the DNC stopped people from voting for Bernie and he WON 60% of the vote in NH—-yes, there are more than 3 candidates in the race in 2020, BUT New Hampshire is still next door to Vermont. The Super delegates DO NOT vote on the first convention ballot, so Bernie will need to win it on the first ballot.

      Has ANYONE ever received a message from the DNC to NOT VOTE for Bernie? Do you perceive they would not have gone public with that message?? There have ONLY been TWO contests so it is EARLY to start blaming the DNC again for Bernie’s losing at the convention. Bernie has publicly claimed that the nominee will be the candidate with the most pledged delegates and the most won contests. THAT is NOT what he told his supporters in 2016. Let’s see how Bernie does on Super Tuesdays in March and April. If Bernie wins, so be it. If the Democratic Socialist take over the Democrat Party, then I am without a party. Trumpism took over the Republican party so I will NEVER return there. My only hope is someone comes up with a plan to Make America Sane Again. Bernie’s policies have as much of a chance of passing Congress as Trump’s pledge to have Mexico pay for the wall and tax cuts pay for themselves. I am not a Trumper or a Bernie Bro—I still live in reality and have no plans to leave.

  2. Certainly ANYONE who would vote for Commissar Bernie Sanders or any of the announced Socialists would also need a mental examination by a team of shrinks. The United States is NOT a Communist or Socialist slave encampment to be run under a Fascist dictator.

    1. You are still confused, Confused James The Projectionist.

      The United States IS already a partly socialist country. You DO have a Social Security card, right? That makes YOU a participating socialist, so get off your Projectionist horse.

      If you don’t want a fascist president, don’t vote for your current one.

      1. I remind you that only Socialists/Communists/Marxists are FASCIST dictators like your Commissar Bernie wants to be in order to destroy the Nation’s economy, jobs, freedoms and those who refuse to tote his radical agenda. He hasn’t yet said if or how many gulags and crematories he plans to have built.

        Trump in 2020. Keep the Alinsky radicalized Fascist dictators out of US Government.

          1. Unlike you, I can read FACTUAL information, understand what I read and not simply accept and parrot what Fascist dictators make up to further indoctrinate their low and no-IQ followers. I will not repeat the definition of fascism again since you’re too thick between the ears to understand and because the definition does not fit the Communist/Fascist Hate-America narrative. Facts are facts. YOU nor your Fascist dictators cannot change that by lying.

    1. “buy them” as in the America First Policies PAC’s cash and gift giveaways, or “buy them” with ads? In 2016. all 3 of the cable networks donated free coverage of Trump’s race baiting, xenophobic, violence encouraging campaign rallies. EVERY White supremacist in the country was sold on Trump. At least Bloomberg is PAYING for his ads. Paying for his ads with his OWN money, not other people’s money. Paying for ads with money he made without decades of fines for corrupt business practices. Bloomberg is not paying his campaign staffers with money he earned spreading racist birther nonsense. EVERY politician sells him/herself in their message. You already found the message that bought YOU. WHY would you want to stop the rest of the country from finding the message that sells them on their candidate? 54% of the voters in 2016 did NOT identify with the race-baiting, xenophobic, lawless message. WHY would you perceive that we would identify with that message in 2020? Relax you got your candidate. Allow the rest of the country to find OURS.

      1. Here goes SyPhyllis cherry picking the facts again. From Lefty CNN shortly after the election:

        “ The Democrat outpaced President-elect Donald Trump by almost 2.9 million votes, with 65,844,954 (48.2%) to his 62,979,879 (46.1%).”

        So Hillarity beat Trump by 2.1% in popular vote. But that’s not how it works. And the 2.9 million vote difference is easily likely due to illegal votes. Prove me wrong. Recounts in Detroit as well as others revealed a greater % of improper votes (revealed in the Jill Stein recount that Hillary paid for). Excluding California, Trump wins significantly in popular vote as well.

        And “race baiting”? Really? Hillary’s hot sauce? “I ain’t in no ways tired!” (LOL) Yeah, Trump was the only one Race baiting (LOL)! Pull your head out of your crack!!!

        All the Democrat candidates are D-bags. It’s just a matter of degree (certainly not degrees in academic terms).

        1. Hot sauce is “race baiting” HOW??? Please explain… My husband puts hot sauce on everything from his eggs to popcorn. YOU have the recount BACKWARDS—Jill Stein PAID for the recount.

          According to you, I am the one with my head up my crack—Let’s review. Am I the one who believes Mexico is paying for the wall or China is paying the import taxes? Am I the one that believes Trump’s 17,000 lies are okay if he is saying what his followers want to hear? Am I the one who believes a businessman with an extensive record of corruptions is the one to Drain the Swamp? Am I the one who believed getting out of the JCPOA was a good idea? Did I ever claim Trump deserved the Nobel Peace Prize for denuclearizing N Korea?

          I will let history judge which one of us had their head buried in fantasies.

      2. By all means, keep looking for a candidate who can stand toe to toe with Trump. To date, the Jackass Party only has a bunch of Socialist clowns in training – except for the old Soviet Union lover: Commissar Bernie “Vladimir” Sanders.

        BTW: WHERE were you when Muslim Marxist Barry was on vacation in the WH? He and his Hate-America cohorts almost made a game out of racism, anti-Semitism, corruption and destroying America.

    2. Have you heard today that mini-Mikey is considering Alinsky-radicalized crooked Hillary to be his VP; that she will be the defacto POTUS to carry on #44’s agenda of destruction while Mikey plays golf at one of his multi-million dollar retreats around the World. Proves he knows nothing about the Government except how to beat the IRS out of some tax money.

      1. James, I adore how you remind me of my deceased grandmother. Since I miss her flawed logic, please share how Drudge would be the outlet that Bloomberg or Hillary would leak a true story.

        1. I cannot recall ever exploring Drudge for any news or information and have no plans to begin now. I do READ and listen to television news and a lot of talk radio reports; some with information from Reuters and CNN although I don’t put any faith in anything #fakenews CNN puts out. Stay tuned to the REAL news.

  3. Bernie does not excite me. I do not vote until April 28th. He was the first candidate Icrossed him off my list of potential candidates I would vote for.

    1. I’m surprised Commissar Bernie “Vladimir” Sanders is not at the top of your Hate America list of clowns. Which one of the Socialists would you vote for to ruin the World economy, eliminate millions of jobs, our freedoms, spread corruption, build gulags and crematories and burn the Constitution? I had credited you with having more intelligence than holding your nose to vote for a D-rat.

  4. Will the dems allow Bloomberg to buy an election and sideline Bernie? He’s rising in the polls and it’s all because of money.

    1. Patience, dear Sherri. There are two nomination primaries before Super Tuesday, March 3rd. Your question will be answered soon enough.

      There is one district that could be just about as important as the whole party leadership race, if it goes the right way. Can you guess which one that is?

    2. In order to win the nomination, a candidate needs to win the most pledged delegates. The delegates are awarded by EACH state BASED on election result–NOT National polls. There have been 2 contests. Currently Buttigieg has 22 delegates, Sanders 21 Warren 8, Klobuchar 7 and Biden 6. Sanders has made the stage EACH debate. WHO & HOW is Bernie being “sidelined”?

      1. Bernie is not being sidelined just yet. However, Bloomberg could very well be a big spoiler. Bloomberg has one of his people as a vice-chair on the DNC rules committee. No other candidate has such a conflict of interest. Tom Perez has never run a state primary or caucus, and he thinks of the DNC as his personal fiefdom.

        There is a lot of room for corruption to mishandle this primary race.

        1. Commissar Bernie needs to be kicked out of the entire AMERICAN political system. His old Soviet Union style Communism will never work in a Constitutional Republic and is only supported by brain washed morons.

        2. General, Are you referring to Bernie telling his uninformed supporters to send him more money as he was going to win the June California Primary and the nomination? His campaign adviser admitted Bernie was informed he could not win the nomination in April and he agreed to have Tad Devine negotiate the end of the campaign with the Clinton campaign. The D’s primaries are not winner take all, even if he did win, which he did not. After the April negotiations, Bernie decided he could not wean himself from his rallies and stayed in making claims he KNEW were as false as congressional support for his policies. Or were you referring to Bernie telling his gullible supporters he was going to convince the Super Delegates to support the candidate the won 451 LESS pledged delegates and 43.1% of the primary votes? Or Bernie claiming the Southern Democrats’ votes should NOT count as the D nominee was not going to carry Southern states? Or Bernie claiming he did not need to follow the DNC rules that he agreed to in order to run in the Democrat primary race? I do not live in a world that Bernie and his supporters criticize the DNC for holding Bernie to his agreement and EXPECT the DNC to privately claim what a wonderful human being Bernie is. If Bernie does not believe rules pertain to him, WHY should I expect Bernie to abide by the law or customs of the office he was seeking? NOT seeing Bernie in a different light than Trump.

          1. Think of it this way, General, the DNC approach is just following socialist practices: from every candidate according to their abilities; to every candidate according to their means. The DNC is just practicing the communist doctrine that Bernie endorses. Everyone shares those delegates among candidates equally….except some candidates are more equal than others.

            In the Republican Party there are no superdelegates. Bernie is welcome to leave the Democrat party to form his own party. Then he can win his party by 99.9% just like all the communist dictators he adores.

          2. “the DNC approach is just following socialist practices” UnhungChad

            NO! NO! NO!

            There is nothing socialist about the DNC. Nothing at all. They have absolutely NO interest is socialist ideas or “practices”. They are corrupt conservatives. That’s all. Not quite as conservative as the totally corrupt American Fascists, but conservative enough.

            NOT socialist.

          3. Commissar Bernie NEEDS more money to buy a few more houses for his “redistribution” plans. As a self-anointed elitist, old “Vladimir” Bernie will certainly keep that which is his and will steal your’s also. That’s the Fascist dictator way of “redistributing” wealth – HIS direction.

        3. The DNC does not run caucuses. Caucuses are run by the STATE Democrat Chairman with VOLUNTEERS. Primaries are run by STATE ELECTED OFFICIALS under STATE LAWS. In 2016, Bernie mislead his supporters to believe it was DWS that decided what contests were open or closed when it is STATE LEGISLATURES that make that call. The PA legislature made the decision to have CLOSED PRIMARIES before DWS was born. PA primaries have been closed my entire voting career and I am 68, eligible to vote at 21.

          Tom Perez did encourage the State Chairs to go with primaries over caucuses. Primaries offer opportunities for greater voter participation. Nevada is trying early participation caucus which we will see how that turns out. As we saw in 2016, Bernie won the Washington caucus AND the delegates but Hillary won the primary. In 2016 the D’s had 19 caucuses and in 2020 they have only 6 caucuses (3 states and 3 territories)

          As I have attempted to explain to you on other occasions, corruption is not a difference of opinion.

      2. If history is a guide, the DNC is horrified that an avowed Socialist/Communits ideologue might get the nomination for their party. That’s a n0-win despite the Socialist platforms embraced by the other candidates.

        Let’s face it. Bernie has NEVER been a Dimocrat. He parasitically attached himself because no way would the Republican’ts have him. He went with those willing to look the other way for his Senatorial vote. How convenient for him AND the Dims.

        Just like the 2016, the Dim establishment must either get behind him OR rig the game like they did in 2016. Does anyone doubt that Mikey Bloomers “throwing money to get on stage” is not blessed by the DNC?

        Either choice is going to lose them a lot of voters.

        1. LOL….WHY would Bloomberg WANT on the debate stage, Screw? Like Trump, who refused to debate his Republican 2020 primary challengers, Bloomberg can campaign without debating them. THE D candidates are the ones WANTING Bloomberg on the debate stage.

          WHY would the primary need to be “rigged” to NOT vote for Bernie? His fantasy policies were proven the last 3 years to be as unattainable as the FREE WALL, FREE TAX CUTS, FREE IMPORT TARIFFS, and CONSEQUENCE FREE ACTIONS. YOU can pretend Mexico is paying for the wall, China is paying the tariffs, the tax cuts are not adding a trillion to the deficit, and pulling out of JCPOA has brought Iran to the negotiating table, BUT it will be much more difficult for Bernie Bros to detach from reality. Are they going to pretend that the taxpayers are paying their tuition bills or college loan payments? Are the fast food workers in Tennessee and Kentucky going to claim they are making $16 an hour? People that don’t support Bernie are realist, not corrupt. We see consequences. Many of Bernie’s supporters promote violence simply for telling them the truth. HOW do you perceive they will react when they are faced with the truth?

          1. Trump has NO 2020 Republican challengers worth mentioning. Two of the three have dropped out and the third – some Libertarian guy named Weld who was New Mexico loser and pot head Gary Johnson’s VP in 2016 – isn’t worth anyone’s time including Trump’s.

          2. Uhhh, gee, SyPhyllis, Bernie had the same fantasy policies back in 2016, yet Donna Brazile gave the debate questions to Hillary and not Bernie. Iowa had 8 “ties” that were settled by coin toss (odds 1:256, not impossible, but not likely). Hillary won ALL of them (yup!). Tell me the DNC didn’t rig the election against Bernie. Maybe Bernie is angling for another lake house courtesy of the DNC to STFU. That’s how it worked out for him last time.

          3. WHC, In 2016, Iowa actually TEN ties in caucus. Hillary won 5 and Bernie won 5. So, poor mistreated Bernie does not sell when you deal in FACTS.

          4. WHC, Perhaps you can sell “Trump participated in all Republican debates in 2016” to someone that was in a coma in 2015-2016. Trump refused to appear in the FOX 2nd primary debate because FOX would not bow to his demand to replace Megyan Kelly.

        2. SyPhyllis, do we need to inform you that President Trump is the incumbent and has NO Republican competition that is worthy of recognizing.

          For Bloomberg to be so arrogant against his competition reveals what he is and the life he’s used to buying. Which is what pretty much defines him as an oligarch.

          Trump participated in all Republican debates in 2016. He had no such arrogance and fought his way through.

          Why are you so willing to defend the short, rich, weak one that won’t reveal how weak he really is in a debate?

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