Former White House Spokeswoman Sanders Running for Arkansas Governor

Sarah Sanders, who served as one of former U.S. President Donald Trump’s White House press secretaries, on Monday announced she would seek the Republican Party’s nomination for governor of Arkansas in the 2022 election.

It is rare for a former White House press secretary to launch into a political career, and her campaign will amount to a test of the pull Trump still has within the party after the tumultuous end of his presidency.

In a video released on social media announcing her decision, Sanders tied herself closely to Trump and his agenda, using flag-waving video of him and herself on a presidential trip to Iraq.

Trump won Arkansas with 62% of the vote in the Nov. 3 election, an indication that Sanders is in safe territory aligning herself with the former president.

Trump representatives did not respond to a question about whether the former president would endorse Sanders. Trump, however, had urged Sanders to run for governor in her home state when she left her White House job in 2019.

In her video, Sanders echoed much of Trump’s rhetoric, vowing “law and order,” and positioning herself as a bulwark against “the radical left,” “socialism” and “cancel culture.”

“My opponents will do everything in their power to destroy me, but I will not apologize for who I am, for who I’m fighting for. I’m fighting for you. I will not retreat, I will not surrender and I will not bow down to the radical left,” she said.

Former U.S. Secretary of State Mike Pompeo threw his support behind Sanders’ bid. “Take it from a Kansan – she will do Arkansas a good turn,” tweeted Pompeo, who is a possible contender for the 2024 Republican presidential nomination.

Sanders, who backed Trump’s failed bid for re-election in November, faces a potential crowded race that could test the former president’s hold on the Republican Party as it regroups.

Arkansas’s Lieutenant Governor Tim Griffin has said he will also seek the Republican nomination in the race, which could also include state Attorney General Leslie Rutledge and Arkansas Senate President Jim Hendren, according to local media reports.

Governor Asa Hutchinson, a Republican, is constitutionally barred from seeking a third term in the deeply conservative southern U.S. state.

Sanders, 38, served as Trump’s second press secretary after Sean Spicer. She left the job to return home to Arkansas, where her father Mike Huckabee also served as governor from 1996 to 2007.

(Reporting by Susan Heavey and Steve Holland; Editing by Paul Simao)


  1. Sarah appears to be getting ahead of herself. As per the article, she already has 3 Republican primary candidates. TWO have actual experience as a leader. She has experience as a follower. She is still following the Trump playbook. Does ANYONE, including the General, see “a radical left ” contingency in Arkansas? She is not running for U.S. Rep in NY District 14 or Mayor of NYC. She is running in Arkansas.

    1. Glen Beck once called her very conservative father a ”progressive”, in 2011, so maybe Sarah also is just a “progressive” in drag.

    1. Arkansas is much like Pennsylvania in electing governors—Republican-then Democrat-Republican then -Democrat -Republican- then Democrat. Will be interesting to see if a serious Democrat candidate enters the race.

  2. “My opponents will do everything in their power to destroy me, but I will not apologize for who I am, for who I’m fighting for. I’m fighting for you. I will not retreat, I will not surrender and I will not bow down to the radical left,” SHS

    O.K., let’s see how THAT works out for you, Sarah.

    Remember, it wasn’t black and brown lefties who stormed the Capitol Building. It was the white nationalists, neo-NAZIs, Q-Anon wackos, and Christian nationalists, so if you don’t plan to help change the people in your state, including yourself, why are you running? You are running to FIGHT change, to keep the elites and powerful IN their traditional position of power, aren’t you?

    1. Confused, obviously you are. You haven’t kept up with the latest investigation. Seems it was antifa cells that attacked the Capitol. Yeah, they had “portrayed” themselves as Trump supporters, even fake on-line profiles…but the digging is locating them and they are the vicious culprits. Just wait, confused, someday your poor little mind will get enough O2 when you get your head out the deep, dark place it’s been stuck for years.

      1. Oh, Jen. Jen. Please review the names of those arrested, not for General Confusion, BUT FOR YOURSELF. Q Shaman, Tam Pham, Jenna Ryan, Samuel Camargo, Garret Miller, Eric Savel, Larry Brock, Dr. Simone Gold, John Strand, Marissa Suarez, Patricia Todesco, Thomas Caldwell, Virginia and Jessica Watkins… WHICH of the arrests have connections with the ideology of Antifa?
        WHEN your source provides you with news, simply ask yourself if it makes a lick of sense or will you appear gullible and foolish repeating it. You appear BOTH.

      2. “You haven’t kept up with the latest investigation.” Jen

        Truer words have never been spoken… by a conspiracy theorist. That is how conspiracy theorists work. YOU believe that YOU have confidential or secret info that no one else has. That might work for you, Jen, but it doesn’t work on me. 😉

    2. That comment is hardly worth responding to. 99% of those who supported trump aren’t the radicals you listed. You are confused about the issues we care about.

      1. “That comment is hardly worth responding to.” Craig

        Yet you felt it necessary to respond anyway, didn’t you Craig?

        “99% of those who supported trump aren’t the radicals you listed.” Craig

        99% You’re dreaming. First of all, state what percentage each of the groups that I named make up in the general American Fascist Party’s voter base and compare that to the make-up of Cult-45. Without real numbers, how do we know that YOU aren’t lying or that you just pulled that number out of your ass?

        “You are confused about the issues we care about.” Craig

        GREAT! Here is your golden opportunity to tell us all exactly what issues that YOU care about, Craig, so I won’t ever be confused again. Go!

        1. what are you talking about scott (GC)…. your not confused your delusional at best … are you going to go thru the next 4 years moaning and groaning like an old woman… come on now… don’t go thru life as a putz

          1. Dixter the Nannie proves your observation about him on a daily basis.
            He has no life.

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