Sanders Snaps at Reporter After He Was Asked About the Future of His Campaign

As questions arose about when Sen. Bernie Sanders (I-Vt.) will suspend his presidential campaign, he was not having it.

CNN’s Manu Raju asked Sanders on Wednesday when he would decide the future of his campaign. 

“I’m dealing with a f***ing global crisis,” Sanders shot back.

He added, “Right now, I’m trying to do my best to make sure that we don’t have an economic meltdown and that people don’t die. Is that enough for you to keep me busy for today?”

Raju described Sanders as “furious” when he was asked about a timeline on when he would decide the future of his campaign. However, he said the senator “mellowed out” and continued to answer questions about the coronavirus crisis.

After former Vice President Joe Biden won primaries in all three of the states that held elections on Tuesday, the Sanders campaign said Sanders would “assess his campaign.”

On Wednesday morning, Lachlan Markay, a reporter for The Daily Beast, noted that the Sanders campaign had no active ads on Facebook, as IJR has previously reported.

Axios reported on Wednesday that Sanders was suspending his campaign, but Mike Casca — the communications director for Sanders’ campaign— said that the story was “absolutely false.”

That denial led to an apology from Axios, “Our incorrect report on the Sanders campaign was a big error, and we apologize.” 

After Tuesday’s primaries, Biden appears to have built an insurmountable delegate lead over Sanders, leading many to wonder how long the primary will drag on. 


  1. Last night’s results were not a surprise to Sanders so his reaction is a surprise. He was aware the March 17 primaries were going to be substantial losses. One could expect an angry response from Bernie after the March 10th primaries where he hoped to win in Washington state where he won the caucus in 2016 (they also had a nonbinding primary which he LOST) and win Michigan– Instead of a cushion for March 17, he came out with a 186 delegate deficit. NOW he has at least a 295 deficit. D primaries are not winner take all so Sanders’ chances of catching up are undetectable –as they were in March of 2016 and he stayed in the race until to convention. Bernie would need to win 60% of the remaining contests by at least 60% of the vote. Let’s hope Bernie does not attempt to convince his supporters the Super Delegates will vote for him on the 2nd ballot. He had the DNC rules changed but then wanted to go back to the 2016 rules he objected to. At this point, we do not know if delegates will even be able to attend the convention in person in June. Trump says the virus could be here till August.

    1. “as they were in March of 2016 and he stayed in the race until to convention” Phyllis

      I know that you don’t like it, but I hope he stays in as long as he can, to keep pressure on Biden to move left. It won’t be much, but Bernie has to move him as far as he can. We have to have more support for progressive policies and Bernie is the only one on the horizon for a long, long time who can do it. We have to wait for a new generation to take his reigns.

      Exit poles show that all of Bernie’s big policies are very popular, but the Democratic voters are idiots. They know what they need, but they are using poor judgement when voting. We are all screwed.

      1. General, you appear to want Biden to tell you he can give you what he can’t. If you and Bernie do not see the congressional votes, HOW do you expect Biden to see them? WHY do you wish to be lied to?? How is that different than Trumpers?
        If this is going to be a repeat of 2016, YES, we are screwed! Once again, the Bernie Bros insist upon hearing promises they know are impossible to deliver. If they don’t know 4 yrs later, then BERNIE SHOULD TELL THEM IT IS A FANTASY! Like Trumpers believe whatever he says, you folks only believe Bernie. You folks were angry when Warren told it would not happen for at least 3 yrs.
        When you claim Bernie’s policies are “very popular” keep in mind that universal background checks for all gun sales has had the support of 86-97% of Americans for over a decade.—THAT has not garnered the VOTES NEEDED to PASS IT. Term limits are popular but are NEVER going to pass.
        The whole country listened to R politicians tell their constituents they would “Repeal and Replace Obamacare” for 4 election cycles and COULD NOT do it. Their idiot supporters celebrated in 2015 that a R House & Senate passed repeal KNOWING Obama would veto the bill and KNOWING they did not have the votes to override the veto. IJR readers told me it wasn’t the point They wanted Obama to know they did not like it. They celebrated in the Rose Garden in 2017 when it simply passed the House–which it had done before. TEN YEARS after “Repeal and Replace” mantra was started, R’s STILL don’t have a plan.
        Trump voters chanted Mexico will pay for the wall—a wall they CLAIM to BELIEVE addresses a problem that 90% of illegal entries come in from LEGAL POINTS OF ENTRY. YOU see the fantasy they have bought into. HOW do you NOT see the fantasy of M4A. Having worked in healthcare for 40 years, I know U.S. healthcare is not perfect. BUT you believe change of INSURANCE coverage is the answer –THAT is as nutty as wanting a border wall to protect legal points of entry.
        BERNIE convinced you his fantasies can come true. It is up to BERNIE to tell you they can not. If he refuses to do so, you are right, “We are screwed.”

        1. People say things are “impossible” when they don’t want you to try. If we do nothing, if we don’t even try, nothing will change. If we don’t change anything, we are all screwed, plain and simple. We must start now.

          Maybe this current crisis will wake voters up.

          1. This current crisis HAS awaken voters. The majority want competence, not fantasies, lies and “happy talk.” This current crisis is costing trillions–Do you see a single R voting to increase the deficit by an additional 10 trillion? Bernie’s reality show is no different than Trump’s reality show–Neither takes place in reality! Hey, I want World Peace but I am not going to vote for the beauty contestant that tells the judges that it is time for World Peace.

  2. Commie Bernie is and has been done for more than 40 of his 78 years. No intelligent person in a Constitutional Republic would vote for an admitted Communist; especially one like Commissar Bernie who raves on about the FAILED Commie sh**holes of Cuba and the former Soviet Union.

    1. I had no plans to vote for Bernie in 2016 or 2020. But I also will NOT vote for a candidate that takes the word of Putin over U.S. Intel Community and praises every human rights violating dictator from Xi to MBS and Bolsonaro to Kim Jung Un. I also have no plans to vote for Tulsi, who praises Assad.

      1. I know that you don’t agree with Sanders, but…


        This is also why Biden should not be favored.

        1. WHAT is the Bernie Bros’ plan when there are not the votes for passage? Will you be pretending that it has as the Trumpers pretend to believe Mexico is paying for the wall? Will you be pretending to believe Bernie did not lie or mislead you? Or would you be asking for more lies?
          DO you see Bernie uniting the country or will R’s scream SOCIALIST? He hates corporations and billionaires—Do you see support from business and Wall Street? Will you be satisfied if your 401 K’s dip back to 2008 losses. Do you see inflexible Bernie gaining back the confidence of our allies? —Apparently we won’t be having any free trade agreements. Do you see Bernie capable of repairing ANY of the damage of the last 3 yrs?
          WHAT states do you see Bernie winning in a general election to even get to the WH?– If D’s nominate Bernie, the electoral college vote would look closer to McGovern and Nixon than Clinton and Trump.

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