Saudi State TV Depicts Biden As Sleepy, Forgetful, and Old


A state-run TV station in Saudi Arabia is making fun of President Joe Biden and Vice President Kamala Harris.

MBC, a Saudi state-funded station, aired a sketch that depicted Biden as forgetful and sleepy.

At the beginning of the skit, “Biden” and “Harris” walk out as if to deliver remarks.

The actor depicting Biden waves and points, then starts to walk off of the stage. But “Harris” directs him to the podium.

“Biden” said, “Thank you very much. Today, we gotta talk about the crisis [in] Spain.”

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“Harris” then taps him on the shoulder and whispers, leading him to say, “Yeah, we gotta talk about the crisis in Africa.”

After a repeat of “Harris” whispering to him, “Biden” says, “Yeah, Russia. And I wanna talk about President of Russia.”

He turns to “Harris” to recall who the Russian president is.

“Putin. Putin. Putin! Listen to me, I have [a] very important message to you. The message is…” the fictitious Biden begins before falling asleep.

Watch the video below:

After being nudged awake, “Biden” says, “And the president of China.”

“Harris” whispers to him.

“Oh, I didn’t finish Russia?” “Biden” said.

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He added, “Thank you to correct me, First Lady.”

“Biden” then falls asleep again.

“Harris” then picks up “Biden” and says, “Thank you all. Hallelujah! Clap to your president!”

The skit comes after Saudi Crown Prince Mohammed bin Salman reportedly declined a phone call with Biden.

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