Watch: Tim Scott Goes on 'The View' and Confronts Hosts Over Their Comments About Race


A current Republican presidential hopeful is not shying away from the chance to present his views to a liberal audience.

On Monday, Sen. Tim Scott (R-S.C.) appeared on ABC’s “The View” and he did not shy away from the co-hosts’ comments about race.

Co-host Sunny Hostin asked, “You have indicated that you don’t believe in systemic racism. What is your definition of systemic racism? Or does it even exist in your mind?”

“Let me answer the question this way. One of the things I think about and one of the reasons why I’m on the show is because of the comments that were made, frankly, on this show, that the only way for a young African American kid to be successful in this country is to be the exception and not the rule,” Scott responded.

He went on, “That is a dangerous, offensive, disgusting message to send to our young people today that the only way to succeed is by being the exception. I will tell you that if my life is the exception, I can’t imagine…”

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Hostin cut him off as she disputed his statement that he is not an exception to the rule, saying, “But it is.”

Watch the video below:

Scott responded:

“But it’s not actually, so the fact of the matter is we’ve had an African American president, African American vice president. We’ve had two African Americans to be secretaries of state. In my home city, the police chief is an African American who’s now running for mayor. The head of the highway patrol for South Carolina is an African American.”

Still, Hostin insisted the examples he listed are exceptions.

The senator added, “Here’s what I’m going to suggest. I’m going to suggest. The fact of the matter is that progress in America is palpable. It can be measured in generations.”

He went on to admit the U.S. is not perfect. But Scott cited more examples of Black people in prominent positions and argued the country is moving in the right direction.

Scott’s appearance on “The View” came after the co-hosts claimed he does not understand racism. Joy Behar, who is white, went so far as to suggest she understands systemic racism better than he does.

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So it’s unlikely he shifted their beliefs.

But the senator deserves credit for being willing to go on not an unbiased news show, but a program with views that explicitly run contrary to his and debate the issues.

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