Senators Demand Google Cease 'Unacceptable Bias' of Pro-Life Views


A group of nearly a dozen Republican senators wrote a letter to Google CEO Sundar Pichai to demand the Big Tech company reverse its ban on pro-life advertisements after it ended an ad campaign promoting an abortion bill reversal hotline.

The senators noted they were “deeply concerned” over Google’s decision to ban Live Action’s pro-life ads promoting Heartbeat International’s Abortion Pill Reversal hotline. They called the censorship “out of step with the science” and an “unacceptable bias.”

“While banning pro-life APR ads, Google continues to allow ads for purveyors of the deadly abortion pill mifepristone by mail, despite the fact this drug has resulted in at least 24 mothers’ tragic deaths and at least 1,042 mothers being sent to the hospital,” the letter read.

“Google’s double standard on abortion is disingenuous and an egregious abuse of its enormous market power to protect the billion-dollar abortion industry,” the senators added.

The letter also accused Google of “abortion distortion,” as the company allows the marketing of abortion drugs on its platform, but not “life-affirming alternatives.”

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“The practical consequence of Google’s abortion distortion is that pregnant mothers in crisis will only have the option to be marketed abortion drugs through Google’s ad platforms, while life-affirming alternatives are suppressed,” the senators wrote.

“Again, we urge you to reverse Google’s unjust and indefensible decision to suppress these pro-life life-saving APR information ads.”

Mississippi Republican Sen. Roger Wicker, one of the letter’s signers, went to Twitter on Thursday to criticize Google’s policy.

“@Google has banned some pro-life ads while continuing to allow ads for deadly abortion pills by mail,” he tweeted.

“The company’s double standard on abortion is disingenuous and an egregious abuse of its enormous market power,” Wicker added. “Google must reverse its ban.”

Live Action president Lila Rose announced the ban of the ad campaign Tuesday on Twitter.

“At the request of abortion activists, @Google has just BANNED all of @LiveAction’s pro-life ads, including those promoting the Abortion Pill Reversal treatment, a resource that has saved 2500 children to date,” Rose tweeted.

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“This is yet another example of Big Tech using their influence to silence pro-life views,” Montana Republican Sen. Steve Daines, the organizer of the letter, told the Washington Examiner.

“Google’s double standard in censoring Abortion Pill Reversal ads while allowing do-it-yourself abortion pill ads is unacceptable. They must immediately reverse this decision,” Daines added.

Google terminated the ad campaign this week, noting the ads made “unreliable claims,” according to the report.

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