Shoe Collection Helps Injured Chicken Walk


Nubz the chicken lost his claws, but he didn’t lose his balance thanks to his shoe collection. 

People Magazine reported that Nubz was adopted by Michelle Davignon when she went to purchase new guinea pig crates. 

The California resident said, “The lady I went to get the houses from was moving, and she found out that I owned chickens, and she asked me if I could take him (Nubz) because she couldn’t take him with her.”

Davignon realized that he had lost his claws due to a bad case of scaly leg mites. She took him home and treated the mites with sprays to stop the infestation. 

She also coated his claws and legs in Vaseline to suffocate the mites and then wrapped the bird’s treated nubs up. 

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Nubz was walking more easily with each step, but the wraps caused his feet to grow irritated and he developed a mass. Davignon noted that dirt and poop kept sticking to his feet.

She then came up with a fashion-forward solution: Chicken shoes!

“I decided to put on the boots because I wanted to keep his little nubs clean,” she said. 

His first set of stylish kicks was a pair of reindeer booties Davignon had bought for her pet Chihuahua. 

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Not only did they give Nubz an adorable new look, but they also helped him balance. 

Davignon stated, “I didn’t think that they would be such a great way for him to get around, but it turns out he walks around so much better with the boots when he’s on, like, dirt or wood chips or anything that’s rough.”

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Nubz now has about 30 pairs of shoes for every occasion.

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From different colors and styles to some tiny Converse, Nubz has modeled various shoes on his Instagram account and may even be ready to fit the shoes of the president. 

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The latest post about Nubz states, “Nubz for president!!”   

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