Biological Sisters Meet for the First Time After Previously Not Knowing One Another Existed


Two sisters who were separated at birth, through adoption, met for the first time.

Both sisters were born in China but after they were adopted they lived with their families in two different countries.

Hannah Raleigh, 20, was adopted by a family in Chicago and didn’t even know that her sister existed. However, she longed for a sibling.

“When I was little I just had this idea that I always had like an older sibling and I always wanted one,” she told Good Morning America.”

After taking a DNA test, Raleigh got her wish. She found out that she had a sister.

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“I was really surprised. I was like, ‘Oh no I have a sister, what do I do?’ All the thoughts were going through my head at once and I kind of panicked,” she said.

After this discovery, Raleigh decided to send her sister a message and said that “surprisingly enough” her sister responded to her “like 20 minutes later.”

Watch the video below:

Limia Ravart, 25, grew up in Canada. She also took a DNA test two years ago but forgot about it after not having any close matches. She then received a notification in January 2021 from 23andMe.

After receiving Raleigh’s message, Ravart said she was “in shock” and “couldn’t sleep like all night after the email.”

“The first sentence was like, ‘Hi, apparently we are like biological sisters,’ and I was like, ‘Oh, wait a minute,'” Ravart said.

The sisters have since grown a close bond, through video chat, and with full support of their families. They also realized that they have certain similarities like what they like to wear and that their go to midnight snack is either popcorn or chips.

After meeting in person on “Good Morning America” Wednesday, Ravart expressed her excitement and said they’ve been wanting to see each other for a year but restrictions due to the Covid-19 pandemic made it hard.

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Ravart said that Raleigh will be going to Canada next month for the first time to meet her family, and that they plan to travel back and forth between Canada and the U.S. in the future to see one another when they can.

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