Something Incredible Happened Outside Trump Tower in Aftermath of Mug Shot Release


At a time when Democrats have turned the machinery of the American legal system into high gear against their most prominent political opponent, this is the last thing leftists wanted to see.

In the heart of Manhattan on Sunday, Trump supporters staged a rally in one of the most Democratic-dominated areas of the United States.

And their message was loud and clear.

“Spotted just outside Trump Tower in NYC. So much love and support for @realDonaldTrump,” pro-Trump social media user Paul Ingrassia said Sunday in a post on the X platform.

“The American people know these indictments are completely baseless, a continuation of the Obama-Clinton-Biden witch-hunts, and the support for our soon to be 47th President is stronger than it’s ever been!”

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Check it out here:

And the crowd wasn’t quiet:

“‘We love Trump!’ and ‘We the people love Trump!’ patriots outside Trump Tower in Manhattan!” Ingrassia wrote.

The fact that this was happening in Manhattan — the home turf of the hideously biased District Attorney Alvin Bragg — is unusual enough.

The fact that it was happening in the aftermath of Trump’s arraignment in Georgia on trumped-up charges of trying to overturn the 2020 election results in the Peach State, and Trump’s supposed-to-be-humiliating mug shot from the Fulton County Jail becoming a fundraising phenomenon instead, kicked it up to simply extraordinary.

And it got some extraordinary reactions:

NY AG Can't Resist Talking Tough Against Trump When the Cameras Are On, Levels a Massive Threat

It’s difficult to divine true intentions, of course. And the darkness of the Democratic soul at the level of its national leadership can seem to defy the light of reason, or decency.

But after unleashing a ludicrous indictment of Trump in New York, two by the Biden Department of Justice’s Democrat-Torquemada special prosecutor and a fourth by a partisan leftist masquerading as a prosecutor in Atlanta, it’s impossible to believe that Democrats planned on Trump achieving new levels of popularity thanks to what can only be described as persecution on a national level.

But that’s been the result.

Trump remains far and away the leader of the pack in the Republican primary contest. According to the RealClearPolitics polling average, he holds a commanding 40-point lead over his nearest rival, Florida Republican Gov. Ron DeSantis. That’s up from the 14.8-point lead RCP’s average showed for Trump over DeSantis on March 30, the day a Manhattan grand jury handed up the first Trump indictment of the year.

Granted, the RCP graph shows that has much to do with DeSantis losing support, but the same graph shows Trump’s numbers more or less steadily rising, which means not only has Trump’s base been unshaken, but even Republican fence-sitters have come down on his side.

Will you be voting for Trump in the GOP primary?

Now, Democrats might have been playing a game of bank-shot politics, pressing the absurdity of legal cases against Trump in order to help him win the nomination among the voters of the party but wounded so badly he would be unable to win the general election. But the fact that his support in the GOP primary is increasing doesn’t bode well for the strategy.

The polarized state of the country is evident from the close divide in both houses of Congress as well as the razor-thin results of the past two presidential elections. (Even if Democrats undeniably took advantage of the COVID-era panic to give their candidate an edge, that wouldn’t have been enough to turn the tide if the race hadn’t been close to begin with.)

Plus, in President Joe Biden and Vice President Kamala Harris, Democrats are saddled with running a duo who have represented failure since the day they took their oaths of office. Biden wasted no time crippling the country’s defenses against an illegal alien invasion lurking just south of the border and destroying its energy independence in his first days in office.

In a country as evenly divided as the U.S., Democrats don’t have a lot of wiggle room — and what they do have is getting smaller.

The economy is a “Bidenomics” basket case, even Democratic cities are tired of watching illegal immigrants (now called “asylum seekers”) streaming across the border at will, the war in Europe that Biden basically invited through his weakness and ineptitude continues apace, and the threat of China keeps growing.

With all of this in the background, evidence of Joe Biden’s corruption keeps growing from the House Republican investigations of Hunter Biden and his breathtaking insolence in pimping his country’s policies on the international stage.

Anything is possible in politics, of course, but the downward arrows of the Biden administration are inescapable, and there’s precisely zero reason to think the Democrats currently in charge have either the desire or intelligence to turn things around in a way that will grow the support of Americans who’ve watched their country come apart at the seams since 2020’s race riots and Biden’s 2021 inauguration.

Trump hasn’t won the GOP nomination yet, and there’s a chance he won’t, but whoever is the Republican standard-bearer, the fact is, Democrats have helped build a movement unalterably opposed to the kind of ideology they want to force-feed the United States.

Warping what used to be called the “justice system” into a political weapon to attack their most influential opponent might well have seemed like a brilliant political ploy.

That decision could look disastrous come Election Day 2024.

The crowd in Manhattan on Sunday sure looked like it.

This article appeared originally on The Western Journal.

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