Space Force Unveils New Uniform Prototype, Drawing Comparisons To 'Star Trek'


The U.S. Space Force has shared prototype uniforms, and social media users quickly compared them to “Star Trek.”

In a tweet on Tuesday, the Space Force’s Twitter account shared a picture of the prototype, and said, “Today, [Chief of Space Operations] Gen. John W. ‘Jay’ Raymond unveiled the Guardian Service Dress prototype a modern, distinctive, professional uniform.”

According to, “The uniform is a marked departure from the dress blues of the Air Force, from which the Space Force was spun off in 2019. It has a dark navy coat that buttons on the right-hand side, unlike the Air Force coat that buttons in the middle, and gray pants.”

“Raymond said the coat’s six buttons — which bear the Space Force emblem — are meant to represent its status as the military’s sixth service,” it added.

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Additionally, Lt. Col. Alison Gonzalez, the Space Force deputy chief of strategy who modeled the new uniform at the conference, said the new uniform was designed with women in mind.

Social media users were quick to compare the new prototype to the uniforms worn in the “Star Trek” movie “The Wrath of Khan.”

Not everyone was enthused about the new uniforms, Rep. Mark Pocan (D-Wisc.) tweeted, “These uniforms are a big ugly reminder that we chose to create a space force in this country before choosing to invest in things like ending poverty or homelessness.”

While the prototypes were revealed on Tuesday, there will be several months to collect comments then the Space Force will start “wear-testing” them before they are distributed.

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In Jan. 2020, the Space Force unveiled its logo, and social media users compared it to the Starfleet Command insignia from Star Trek.

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