Speculation Erupts as Donald Trump Shows Up in DC Area Unannounced


Former President Donald Trump unleashed the hornets of speculation Monday by simply showing up in the Washington area for only the second time since he left office.

The visit was not announced and reached social media thanks to the work of freelance journalist and YouTuber Andrew Leyden, who calls himself PenguinSix.

Leyden said in a video post around 6 p.m. Sunday that Trump was “on his way to Washington,” citing “aircraft spotters I hang out with.”

After dashing to Dulles International Airport in Virginia and hunting at a variety of locations, the freelancer was able to shoot footage of Trump getting off his plane and driving away.

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In the video, Leyden theorized Trump was heading to his golf club in Potomac Falls, Virginia, based on the direction Trump’s motorcade was heading.

Others posted images showing the former president, who had no public events scheduled on the 21st anniversary of the 9/11 terrorist attacks, had flown to Washington from New Jersey.

Speculation ran wild as observers guessed why Trump could be back in Washington.

While ruminating on the arrival and touching bases with a number of anti-Trump sources that focused on a possible arrest, Newsweek found significance in the fact that Trump was wearing golf shoes.

The site also noted that the former president could be in Washington for a Monday speech by his son-in-law, Jared Kushner, at an event sponsored by the America First Policy Institute and the Abraham Accords Peace Institute.

Twitter was abuzz with commentary.

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Journalist Seth Abramson poked holes in just about everyone’s theories.

“I’m seeing many people saying he’s at Walter Reed with no evidence to support the claim. Others are saying he’s going to be arraigned tomorrow, but DOJ has implied it’ll take no such action pre-election,” Abramson tweeted. “A search of a Trump DC property? Possibly—but no evidence of *that*, either.”

“FWIW, I’m guessing that some of the speculation about Trump going to Walter Reed comes from him being dressed tonight as he was the last time he went there (i.e., open shirt, no tie). It’s true Trump usually travels in a tie, but evidence-wise this is *really* slim pickings, IMO,” he wrote.

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