Starbucks Manager Receives $40K for New Car From Caring Community Members


Karen Collingsworth received a massive surprise from her community after her car was broken into and destroyed. They raised $40,000 for her. 

Sunny Skyz reported the Huntington, West Virginia, Starbucks manager suffered a significant loss after her car was trashed and the catalytic converter was stolen last week. 

Her co-worker, Jaiden Horn, said someone came up with the idea to start a GoFundMe Campaign in the hopes of raising a few thousand dollars. 

The fund has raised over $40,000 and is named We love you Karen.

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Its description states, “Beloved Starbucks supervisor, Karen, deserves all the love and happiness in the world! If everyone donated $5-10, even $1, we could help her buy a working car and ensure she wouldn’t have to worry about monthly bills. This way, she can continue doing what she loves (connecting with Starbucks customers) without worrying about monthly expenses.” 

Mary Craycraft wrote with her donation, “We’ve known Karen for years, since she worked at Chili Willies. She always took care of us. She “mothered” Lauren and Kelly while they worked at Starbucks. She’s an angel!”

Connor Spradling noted along with his donation, “I know it’s not a lot but my time working at chickfila was made just a little bit more special with Karen stopping by to say hi. I regret not getting to say a proper goodbye before moving away. Thanks for being so kind, Karen.”

Collingsworth’s location is situated on the Marshall University campus, so many of the donations are from students and graduates from the college. 

Have you ever donated to a Go Fund Me campaign?

Lily E Anne Mills stated with her donation, “Karen is one of the nicest people I’ve ever met on campus. She’s done so much for the community, so it was time we did the same for her. Karen, you are a wonderful women with an infectious attitude, and I love saying hi anytime I see you. Thank you for being you!”

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