State Senator Forced to Sit in Humiliating 'Box' for Refusing to Wear a Mask

Republican state Sen. Amanda Chase of Virginia enjoys clapping back at haters who mock her for not wearing a mask because of a medical condition.

Chase has been forced to sit near the back of the room surrounded by a Plexiglas barrier during sessions of the General Assembly.

The vocal Second Amendment advocate was ridiculed for not wearing a mask during the coronavirus pandemic even though she has a doctor’s note verifying that she has an underlying health condition, WAVY-TV reported.

In August, the Virginia gubernatorial candidate joked about her special seating arrangement, calling the Plexiglas box “the square of freedom, the freedom to breathe,” according to WRIC-TV.

Fast-forward six months and liberals are still taunting her mask exemption, even though Virginia Executive Order 63 states that a person who “has a medical condition limiting the use of face coverings should not wear a face covering.”

Chase has been repeatedly slammed by liberals, presumably because the same people who believed the Jussie Smollett “hate crime” hoax do not believe she has a legitimate health condition.

Last week, comedian Jimmy “Blackface” Kimmel skewered Chase on his ABC late-night show, calling her “dumb.”

“In Virginia, a state senator is getting a lot of attention for her strong opposition to masks,” Kimmel said. “Amanda Chase, who bills herself as ‘Trump in heels,’ is a Virginia state senator and also a frontrunner to be the Republican candidate for governor.

“She’s dumb, she won’t wear a mask, and since she won’t wear a mask, they put her in a Plexiglas box at the meetings.”

Chase responded with a blistering smackdown Sunday, telling Kimmel she makes “no apologies for standing for freedom.”

In a fiery Facebook post, the state senator wrote: “Jimmy Kimmel, who wears no mask while mocking me for refusing to wear one, and apparently has no live audience, can’t handle strong independent conservative women who love God, country, family and the Constitution.”

She then unloaded on clueless Hollywood celebrities for pushing destructive left-wing propaganda without understanding its negative impact.

“The rest of the country is pretty sick and tired of you Hollywood liberals [peddling] your depraved mentality and dumpster trash morals and values to our kids,” Chase wrote.

“Many of us are moms are fed up with Hollywood’s influence on our country and we’re not going to take it anymore. We’re running for office and we’re inspiring and encouraging others to run for office as well.

“Don’t mess with us moms. You will lose. I make no apologies for standing for freedom.”

Chase then asked why pro-abortion celebrities are so enamored of forcing Americans to wear face burqas.

“Weren’t the liberals just advocating for ‘my body my choice?’ Why does that now not apply to masking and vaccinations?” she wrote.

“Mock me all you want. I’ve raised 4 children who are all now successful young adults that actually work for a living and have more maturity and common sense than your liberal mind can comprehend. Maybe you should get off your stage and find out how the rest of the world lives.”

Chase then predicted that “the next time I return to Richmond it will be as Governor of Virginia. The real joke will be on you, Joking Jimmy.”

This article appeared originally on The Western Journal.


  1. “Medical condition”, that’s a riot. If you’ve got a valid medical condition that truly prevents you from wearing a cloth mask, you’re not going to be able to carry out normal everyday activities, let alone be part of an active legislative body.

    Mental condition, maybe.

    She needs to get back in her box and keep quiet. I’m sure that talking is way too taxing on her fragile medical condition.

  2. “she has a doctor’s note verifying that she has an underlying health condition” Article

    We know from recent experience with another self-important person how reliable notes from doctors can be. What are the chances that the doctor’s note refers to ANY real “medical condition”?

  3. Americans should understand her medical conditions and quit treating her as she has committed a crime. It wasn’t long again in May 2020 that a person who tried to pass phony money, high on alcohol and fentanyl and resisted being arrested quoted “I can’t breathe” which was caused by his intake fentanyl while intoxicated. And the Thug Nation emerged as the Black Lives Matter #BLM. Good Americans oppose this group of Thugs. Americans believe “You Do the Crime, You Do the Time. Grow Up Thugs!

  4. Apparently, only conservatives can read. ‘medical condition (verified by MD) contraindicating mask wearing’ is not the same as ‘dumb’ or ‘mean’ or ‘selfish’. Typical leftist obsfucation. Math lessons, dummies. Take the very inflated COVID death figure of 500,000. Divide by 330,000,000, the population of the US. Move the decimal point two places to the right to express the answer as a percentage. That’s the per cent of the population that has allegedly died from COVID. Now subtract that less than 2/10ths of one percent away from 100%. That’s the 99.8% of the population that has not died from or been infected with COVID. And the Socialists have us destroying our economy, our mental health, our children, our freedoms and our country over something that has not affected 99% of us? Lookest over there at JLo in her sparkly facemask… not watch the demented old man and his puppeteers as they destroy America!

  5. Poor little snowflake Amanda. The mean ol libs are bullying her! Just for being a selfish POS. I would have had a smidge of sympathy. But to say, my body my choice referencing Pro Choice, is a false equivalent. YOU put others at risk for being selfish!!

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