Stranger Passes Disturbing Note to Woman on Date, Tells Her to 'Run'


For a nerd like me, a rousing debate sounds like a lovely activity during a first date, but I know I’m the exception.

Unfortunately, a Virginia woman, Hadia S, was having a bad date last weekend, and she wasn’t the only one to notice that things weren’t going great. A stranger sitting behind her slipped her a note with a warning of “Too many red flags. Run. Be safe girl.”

The Daily Mail reported that while the advice was well-received, Hadia had noticed red flags herself and was prepared to press on with the date.

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The reason for the disagreement? According to Hadia, the two not-so-lovebirds had contrasting opinions on the rapper DaBaby, and Hadia was alarmed at her date’s embrace of dating guru Kevin Samuels.

Among other degrading statements, Samuels encouraged a woman on his YouTube show to accept a man’s cheating because she was built like an NFL running back. Samuels also claimed it is in man’s nature to commit adultery.

That’s not OK. I would be concerned, too, if I were Hadia.

Fortunately, she made it clear that the advice from the note was well-appreciated and that there will not be a second date.

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I admire her tenacity, but the consequences of sticking the date out could have been much worse under different circumstances. After all, this was only a first date.

This guy could have had extremely violent tendencies or reacted poorly to being disagreed with, and Hadia would have had no way of knowing. She is lucky this incident can be filed under “bad” date as opposed to something far more sinister.

As for the Good Samaritan, or the “guardian angel,” as Hadia put it, he did the right thing.

Have you ever been bailed out of a bad date?

It’s obviously rude to inject yourself into other people’s business under most circumstances, but if you think something is truly wrong, there’s no harm in at least slipping a note.

We all have bad dates, and some are worse than others. In the grand scheme of things, someone with bad values is on the low end of the spectrum.

Fortunately, a helpful note made Hadia’s day a lot better.

This article appeared originally on The Western Journal.

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