Study Shows Trump-Touted Anti-Malarial Drug May Have High Death Risk in COVID-19 Patients

A new study on the anti-malarial drug, hydroxychloroquine, suggests the use of the drug as coronavirus treatment may lead to high death risks for COVID-19 patients.

The new medical study, published by The Lancet on Friday, finds the heightened risk of arrhythmias, abnormal heartbeats, more common in coronavirus patients who had been treated with hydroxychloroquine or chloroquine.

Increased arrhythmias leave patients with a higher risk of going into cardiac arrest, according to The Hill.

The study, which is categorized as a retrospective analysis focusing on 96,000 patients in 671 across six continents, is the largest analysis, thus far. A total of 15,000 of the 96,000 patients were reportedly treated with hydroxychloroquine or chloroquine within 48 hours of being diagnosed with coronavirus.

Although the Lancet study was not a randomized clinical study, which is normally seen as a scientific limitation on findings, Jesse Goodman, a former Food and Drug Administration (FDA) chief scientist insists the current results are still important.

“I think it’s as convincing as this kind of study can be,” Goodman said.

“In the light of these results, I think it’s fair to say it’s not looking good for a benefit of these drugs,” Goodman said. “And there’s accumulating evidence that they may actually be harmful, and a lot of people may end up being harmed by their widespread use.”

However, there are others who oppose the findings, arguing that the study does not provide definitive results on the use of the drug.

“It means that the likelihood that it’s a dramatic cure, or substantially improves outcomes, is very low,” said Tom Frieden, former director of the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC).

The latest study on hydroxychloroquine follows President Donald Trump’s touting of the drug and his admission to taking the drug as a preventative measure for coronavirus.

During a recent round-table discussion, the president admitted he had been taking the drug for more than a week, as previously reported on IJR.

Despite the president’s continued touting of hydroxychloroquine, the FDA, CDC, the National Institutes of Health, and other global health experts have warned against using the unproven drug as a treatment for coronavirus.


  1. Many FDA Approved drugs can hurt you. The List of Side Effects is long whenever I get a prescription. Main Stream media should be Careful and Shut Up about Hydroxychloroquine and things they know Zilch about. Doctors in PARIS have done studies with 1000 of people who were Saved and still well. As long as the drug is combined with a ZPAK and Zinc.
    Someone in Dire Straits who need it, may not try it and die. No Money to be made on an Old Generic drug either.

  2. Hydroxychloroquine is a heavily prescribed drug, according to Wikipedia. It influences the immune system in particular ways, and besides being the leading treatment against the malaria parasite, is helpful with several other diseases (lupus, etc.) Like any effective drug it has interactions and bad side effects with some people. Unlike most prescribed drugs, it has had no field trial to demonstrate its effectiveness or safety in treating COVID-19, and especially not as a preventative in healthy people. It’s a well-established drug, so it should be safe… except when it ain’t. That depends on the individual.

    To suggest, as Trump did, “It’s safe. It’s taken all the time. Some people think it will do a lot of good. What have you got to lose? It could be a game changer.” (I paraphrase.) It’s not presidential to tout an unproven treatment, known to carry risks. COVID is not the zombie apocalypse; you don’t want to bet your health on a pill when careful living can spare you that disease.

    Of course, Trump was elected precisely BECAUSE he was unpresidential. You couldn’t “drain the swamp” or “be above politics” or return us to the morality of the 1950s if you were skilled in the game of running a country. He’s where he is because he’s an unsuitable, uninformed amateur, and deluded folk think that’s good.

    1. Trump is borderline insane. An egomaniac. Terrifying on Twitter. Obnoxious. Unfiltered. A boor with women. But also a businessman. And successful despite what the narrative engineers want you to think. Plenty of dilettantes have gotten daddy’s money and blown it in short order. Trump did not. But in spite of his (numerous) flaws, I, and many others, will vote for him in November. The uniparty in power has ignored the needs of the people for several generations. Bernie & Trump represented a return to a government responsive to the needs of the average person. Albeit coming from different angles.

      The Republican party failed to keep the interloper out, and Trump took over the party.

      The Democrat party succeeded in keeping the interloper out through back door deals and underhanded shenanigans. And we have the weakest, frailest, “elder abuse” candidate running against Trump, who represents a return to the uniparty that only represents the coastal elites.

      Which would mean endless wars so their buddies can profit from the chaos, uncontrolled immigration, stifling of speech and thought, and a fearsome weaponization and politicization of the intelligence agencies.

      I’m old enough to remember when the left cared about keeping a cap on immigration because of what it did to jobs. It isn’t rocket science to understand more workers depress wages. And unskilled workers hurts the most vulnerable Americans.

      I’m old enough to remember when the left fought for freedom of speech as a principle. Where all speech was protected.

      I’m old enough to remember when the left fought for due process. Now they fight for title IX and kangaroo courts. And the ACLU chooses clients not based on principles but on political expediency.

      Anyhow, you all own this problem. You created the conditions where Trumps message had resonance. Deal with it like adults for a change.


      1. Among the many statements you make that worry me, I’ll only address Trump the businessman. He has skirted with bankruptcy so many times that it makes it difficult to avow his skills. We can’t tell how successful he was because, unlike every President since Nixon, he has kept his tax returns and records secret. A large part of his wealth seems to be the valuation of his brand; i.e., the rights to use the name “Trump”. We don’t know if he’s worth $10 billion (as he claims) or less than $1 billion. I can’t doubt he’s rich, but nobody can tell me how rich. What I do know about him is that he works with a very small circle of trusted people, principally his children, and he sticks to a very small and personalized business, real estate development, which shelters a lot of mad egotists and crooked wheeler-dealers. His vanity, thin skin, thirst for celebrity, cruelty, and nepotistic management would not work in anything you could call a “big business”. I watched exactly half of one episode of The Apprentice, and it left me wondering why an actual businessman would embarrass himself by exposing himself as a cartoonish tycoon running contestants around in this game show/scavenger hunt format. I was left with the unavoidable conclusion that he was a bigger vanity case than I ever imagined, sick with ego and fighting an inferiority complex, and that something crazy was going on with the American people that they would make this shitshow TV farce the number one show in the country.

  3. Congratulations, Meaghan Ellis! You picked another trigger article that got 42 comments in less than one day. Your last big trigger article, about truckers got about 100 comments, the last time I checked! Very good.

        1. Confused Bob The Projectionist is sooo confused that he thinks ALL totalitarianisms are equal, the same. He can’t differentiate between totalitarians on the left from those on the right, such as his Dear Leader.

    1. WHAT is your determining factor that a study of 15,000 of 96,000 patients is bogus? Were you thinking the earlier study of 12 patients was an actual scientific study?

  4. Every drug has side affects. So why would this be any different? The facts are the drug has saved more lives than not

    1. What a foolish response. How many drugs have you taken that have death as a possible side effect?

      1. A bunch of them you idiot. Almost all the blood thinners for one. Stop trying to sound important or knowledgeable michael with a capital B. Read the labels sometime fool.

    2. “I have often wondered who they are polling.” Multi-Friend

      Yeah, if you got malaria or Lupis. It doesn’t shit against the Trump Virus, regardless of what you have been MISled by.

      1. The quote should have been: “The facts are the drug has saved more lives than not”

        I apologize for the confusion.

        1. Crawl back under your rock confuction you terminal asshole. No one has died from taking Hydroxychloroquine. The virus came from china not President Trump idiot. There is a chance it come from under your rock.

          1. As always, Confused Bob The Projectionist, thank you for your constant support. It is most welcome during these troubling times.

  5. It seems to me whether or not a person takes hydroxychloroquine and whether or not it puts the patient at any undo risk, is a decision as with any other medication or treatment, that would me made by the patient with the advice and concurrence of his personal physician.

  6. 60 plus years this drug has been saving lives and now its a threat. They need to backup their bull$#!+ with some REAL FACTS

      1. The facts are there and you, michael with a capital B are a proven liar.

  7. Trump is a dumb ass, but that being said I don’t think he is that stupid to take this drug. Mid seventies and 70 pounds over weight, not such a good idea. But then again !

  8. Yeah, another hatchet job by The Hill, Liberal rag extraordinaire. Very odd that the drug has been used for years to fight malaria and no one saw fit to complain about the side effects until the Trump administration suggested that it showed promise in the fight against the coronavirus. In an era when there are hundreds of new drugs, advertised on TV, that have numerous side effects including stroke and heart attacks, they pick this drug (the one suggested by the Trump administration) to complain about. Anything to criticize the President. Lying, cheating, corrupt Democrats.

    1. All these anti-HCQ articles are hurting people that could be healed with HCQ. I’m really ticked off at Neil Cavuto. I didn’t realize what an anti-Trump azz he is.

      1. I was appalled at what Neil Cavuto said. He put words in Trump’s mouth. Trump specifically said the opposite, that he was not taking Hydroxy with Zythro, he was taking it with zinc. I knew Neil was a never Trumper but his tirade was completely uncalled for. It was like he and that doctor guest of his were listening to a different conversation.
        I don’t trust that former director of CDC or that former FDA scientist. They are Leftists! You can’t believe a word that comes out of their mouths. I’ve read and heard of too many people who have been saved by Hydroxy to believe them. If God forbid I contracted CV19 I would have no problem taking it.

        1. You mean those medical people on your side of the aisle that want to keep the country shut down so you can get control over everything and everybody. Your lust for power is unreal Bichael.

        2. We know that the drug has been used for a long time and no one was overly concerned with side effects until the Trump administration suggested there was promise in using it to treat Covid. Now, the Democrats continually complain about side effects and accuse the President of trying to kill patients. Sounds like Democrat dirty tricks.

  9. This goes to show that if you don’t know how to read a scientific paper, you should keep your damn mouth shut. The studies that this article was referring to used HCQ late in the course of patient treatment. By the time the patients are being put on a ventilator, it is too late for HCQ. HCQ is has an anti-viral action which can only work at the early stages of the infection. HCQ screws with the reproductive early stages of the virus. But HCQ should not be taken alone. There are additional things that need to be taken with HCQ. It should be HCQ, plus Zinc, plus Vit. C, plus, Vit. D, plus ivermectin as the immediate initial treatment, right at the time of the initial visit.
    The long and the short of my point is, these reporters have no concept of what a good study is and so they should not be making comments like they have all the answers. By the way, I am a physician.

    1. Sorry, I forgot to include a Z-pack in my list of initial recommendations. And HCQ, for your information, is one of the safest drugs around. Get a grip.

  10. This clown have the same comment for medical professional’s who support it?

    The American Thoracic Society issued guidelines Monday that suggest COVID-19 patients with pneumonia get doses of the anti-malaria drug.

    “To prescribe hydroxychloroquine (or chloroquine) to hospitalized patients with COVID-19 pneumonia if all of the following apply: a) shared decision-making is possible, b) data can be collected for interim comparisons of patients who received hydroxychloroquine (or chloroquine) versus those who did not, c) the illness is sufficiently severe to warrant investigational therapy, and d) the drug is not in short supply,” the Thoracic Society said.

  11. Shocked. A graduate of…

    Oberlin College is a private liberal arts college and conservatory of music in Oberlin, Ohio. It is the oldest coeducational liberal arts college in the United …

    Worked for the CDC until 2017. Canned due to arrests?

  12. The study combines both hydroxychloroquine and chloroquine and collects data from 6 continents, where standards of care vary greatly. No one suggested that chloroquine was a good treatment. Chloroquine is the one associated with heart issues, far more than hydroxychloroquine.

    It really puzzles me why anyone would care so much to disprove a treatment that otherwise they would look at impartially. Lives are at stake and some care more about politics than suffering people.

    There is a “Fusion GPS” type company behind this news promotion. Count on it. This study was a “made to order” meta-study which was then promoted far beyond its actual value in the scientific literature.

    Wait for higher-quality studies that follow the protocol that is understood to work, hydroxychloroquine as prophylactic or as early treatment. Combined with zinc and antibiotic.

    In the meantime, let doctors do their thing without interference from politics. Let them try it if they think it can work. We rely on the anecdotal every single day to make decisions. Until we have empirical evidence, that is all we have to work with.

  13. A study the author admits is flawed. A Democrat no political angle?

    Great background. Must be a Biden supporter..

    Frieden attended Oberlin College graduating with a BA in philosophy in 1982.

    At the same time he attended Columbia University Mailman School of Public Health and obtained an MPH in 1986.

    He completed a residency in internal medicine at Columbia-Presbyterian Medical Center 1986–1989 followed by a one-year infectious diseases fellowship from 1989–1990 at Yale School of Medicine and Yale–New Haven Hospital.

    His visits to West Africa beginning in August 2014 and a September 2014 CDC analysis projecting that the Ebola epidemic could increase exponentially to infect more than 1 million people within four months prompted him to press for an international surge response.

    In 2018 he faced misdemeanor charges of forcible touching, third-degree sexual abuse and second-degree harassment, which were dropped.

    In June 2019, Frieden pled guilty to disorderly conduct in New York City.

  14. I remember a life long Democrat who came on national TV. claiming she was positive and this drug saved her. Guess it doesn’t fit the haters’ narrative

    1. Yes, just like they ignored the life long Democrat that accused Biden of molestation (despite the call to believe any woman that makes an accusation). She didn’t fit the Democrats narrative.

  15. Quinine has been taken in ALL tropical countries to prevent or combat the effects of Plasmodial malaria. NEVER has there been recorded, nor cited, heart problems. I’m sure there are a few statistical patients who have had a reaction to either the Hydrochloroquine OR Azithromycin, but not enough to regard. Whoever buys this anti-HCQ propaganda has a terminal case of TDS or is a Big-Pharma shill. The stuff works, AND saves lives.

  16. Bull chit! Doctors all over the world say it has worked well!

    1. T: So right. But it’s too cheap for Big Pharma to make their billions on.

    2. The three countries with the lowest Covid deaths per million are Russia, India and Turkey – none known for their health system prowess……and all three use a protocol that gives Covid victims hydroxychloroquine as soon as they are diagnosed. They don’t even wait for symptoms before dosing.

      1. I hear North Korea is doing well, too. I wonder what they’re using?

  17. THE RECTUM-IN -CHIEF aka THE LAWLESS LIAR has never taken this drug.

    1. In spite of the “other” meanings of your moniker, you have a chance here to explain your accusation. Please…..we’re waiting.

    2. johnny the butt has spoken out of his butt. Notice the stench. He is a lying sack of shit.

  18. Yeah, that’s what everybody has been saying all along. Everybody except King Donald The Loser, who wants to PROFIT financially over the dead bodies of his followers who are stupid enough to adore and worship His Majesty.

      1. You’ll have to direct him to the nearest Small-animal Vet’s office. He’s exhibiting symptoms of rabies.

    1. Loser, intellectually bereft of rational thought and incoherent, that is you Scotty boy. The right course of action is to get the economy going now. For every 1% increase in the unemployment rate, you get a 1% increase in the rate of suicides. The quarantine is killing people, killing businesses, and giving liberal control freak politicians orgasms. The liberals have had enough orgasms. Go to work.

    2. Care to expand on who “everybody” is, Mr. Urquhart? Of course, you and the other petulant liberals know a thing or two about “followers who are stupid enough to adore and worship ‘His’ Majesty,” since you worshiped at Mr. Obama’s feet 24/7! Thank goodness his feet and the rest of him are gone, and we finally have a President who truly cares about our country and ALL the people, and not just some of the people. Now back to the issue — who is “everybody?” Regardless, there will be just as many “everybodys” out here who dispute their account. Yep — even the “experts” — and I use the word loosely — don’t agree on everything. Bet that surprises you. 🙂

      1. I don’t worship any leader, let alone yours. If you paid even the slightest bit of attention to my comments about Obama, you would know that I critique him here ALL OF THE TIME!

        Just because I don’t kiss His Majesty’s feet does NOT, IN ANY WAY, mean that I adore someone that YOU hate.

        Carol is very confused.

    3. You’re pitiful today, you were yesterday, and you will be tomorrow.

    4. Gee scott the confuction, the only dead people so far have been created by liberals from your side of the aisle. Does the elderly ring a bell.

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