Sunny Hostin Trashes CNN's Town Hall, Kaitlan Collins


“The View” co-host Sunny Hostin is furious with CNN over its town hall with former President Donald Trump.

“I think that that town hall will be studied in journalism schools around the country as to what not to do,” Hostin predicted on Friday.

She claimed Trump was “not fact-checked appropriately” by the moderator Kaitlan Collins.

After her statement, several of her co-hosts jumped in to dispute the notion it was not fact-checked well enough.

“She tried,” Joy Behar asserted.

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However, Hostin shot back, “Tried is not good enough… Can I just not be interrupted for a second?”

She went on to criticize Collins:

“She didn’t have the range. [Trump] agreed to the interview because he knew he could steamroll her. Jake Tapper would have done a better job. And I will tell you that, remember, Trump walked out of a ’60 Minutes’ interview with Lesley Stahl because she was fact-checking him in real time, every single time. It’s time for some real introspection at CNN.”

Watch the video below:

CNN has defended Collins, insisting she “exemplified what it means to be a world-class journalist.”

She did try to fact-check Trump in real time without coming off as hostile and annoying. She simply pointed out when a statement he made was not backed up with evidence. And she tried to get Trump to admit the 2020 election was not stolen.

But when it became clear he was not going to admit it, what was she supposed to do? Keep hammering the issue into eternity? Turn to the audience and say, “Sorry for wasting your time, folks. But we’re not getting anywhere. We’re done. Have a good night.”

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It is worth pointing out CBS News’ Lesley Stahl did fact-check Trump during a 2020 interview. And he walked out. But with one issue she tried to fact-check, she turned out to be wrong: Hunter Biden’s laptop.

She asserted to the former president that the laptop cannot be “verified.” However, two years later, the network confirmed it was Hunter Biden’s laptop.

So Collins could have fact-checked Trump into oblivion and led him to walk off the stage in a rage. But aside from scratching liberals’ itch, what good would that have done for anyone?

It’s easy to say someone else would have done a better job. However, aside from just hounding Trump for 70 minutes, what would someone else have been able to do differently?

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