Susan Rice: Americans Will ‘Decide This Election’ Not Trump and ‘His Lies’

Former national security adviser Susan Rice is declaring that President Donald Trump will not “decide the election” following a report suggesting he will proclaim victory prematurely.

“The American people are gonna decide this election, not Donald Trump and his lies and his rhetoric and his efforts to sow confusion and chaos,” Rice said during Monday’s MSNBC interview. “It’s gonna be the American people.”

She added, “If we all get out and vote, I am confident that we will have an outcome that reflects the will of the American people. I believe that means Joe Biden and Kamala Harris will be going to the White House.”

“But, whatever the outcome, it needs to be that which is decided by the people not Donald Trump on a whim in his effort to just perpetuate himself in power at whatever cost. That will not fly.”

See Rice’s comments below:

Election Day is on Tuesday. Just days ahead, Axios reported that Trump will declare himself the winner if it seems he is ahead of Democratic presidential nominee Joe Biden Tuesday, citing three anonymous sources familiar with the president’s alleged comments.

Trump, however, called that a “false report” when speaking to reporters Sunday in Charlotte, N.C., as IJR reported.

“I think it’s a terrible thing when ballots can be collected after an election. I think it’s a terrible thing when people or states are allowed to tabulate ballots for a long period of time after the election is over because it can only lead to one thing,” Trump said.

The president continued, “I think it’s terrible when we can’t know the results of an election the night of the election…We’re going to go in the night of, as soon as that election’s over, we’re going in with our lawyers.”

Over 95 million Americans have cast their ballots so far, totaling 68.9% of the total votes cast in the 2016 presidential election, as of Monday morning, according to U.S. Elections Project. There have been more than 91 million mail-in ballots requested in the reporting states, with over 35 million ballots returned so far.


  1. “just like the reliance that you have in accuracy of “past” polls. We all know how that went in 2016.” Lying Paul The Emeffer

    Phyllis laid out the accuracy of the national polls. YOUR perception of my take on them is wrong. YOUR bias can’t let YOU learn anything new. I was aware of the margin before the last election, but I also am quite aware of what is going on in THIS election. If you paid any attention vAT ALL around here, you will understand that I have been pointing it out FOR MONTHS! I have been begging YOU for weeks to make a similar call or to even explain your confidence in a win for His Royal Highness and you just will NOT go on the record in ANY way. Too late now, bud.

    And YOU have the nerve to question my past when, even in 2016, you never knew what it was (then OR now)? You are a TOTAL phony, lying loser.

  2. Paul, WHAT was the RCP poll average in Nov, 2016? Clinton 46.8% Trump 43.6%—3.2% for Clinton. Final results: Clinton 48.2% and Trump 46.1% for 2.1% for Clinton. You appear to have “forgotten” Trump lost the popular vote.

  3. Walter Mitty just like the reliance that you have in accuracy of “past” polls. We all know how that went in 2016.

    Facts are still facts with what happened to the USSR and if you don’t think that can happen here, you truly live in some warped fantasy world. Try listening to the squad sometime.

  4. First of all, Lying Paul The Emeffer, my first post wasn’t regarding anything in this thread let alone someone who can’t even do math. My only comment directed at you has to do with you living in the past, not about what you posted. You are still clearly out of touch. Very out of touch.

  5. Walter Mitty stay on task. Neither of your comments have an iota to do with my comment. But since you are nothing but a Russian troll with Phyllis as your handler its to be expected.

    Facts are facts AH and you can’t change them other than in your fantasy state of mind.

  6. Lying Paul The Emeffer: clearly, you should start living in the 21st century, not a century ago. The world has changed since then, buddy!

  7. Cult-45 excuses for Dear Leader’s Loss:

    With their cognitive dissonance, they will come up with things that we expect and things no-one sees coming. Those who DON’T just dejectedly disappear into the deep, dark woods will likely use one or more of the following tacts:

    – Biden cheated
    – Biden won because he had the help of the MSM, the “fake news” media
    – Biden winning was a false story, Dear Leader actually won (Q-Anon?)
    – Dear Leader didn’t want to win anyway
    – PLAGUE! IT WAS THE PLAGUE’S FAULT (it is never HIS fault)
    – Biden ran the better campaign and attracted more voters, said no Cult-45 ever.

    What is YOUR favorite excuse that Cult-45 will likely use to explain a great loss by Dear Leader?

  8. Here is a link that works in regards to my comment below.

  9. Before you Biden voters vote check this out.

    We all know what happened to Russia after Stalin took control with the 1936 Russian constitution under his belt.

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