Target Insider Reveals 'Pride' Debacle Has Triggered Big Employee Problems for 'First Time in Our Company's History': Report


A new report indicates that the only thing going down faster than Target’s stock is the morale of the company’s employees.

On Thursday, after a 14 percent year-to-date drop in Target’s stock price and an estimated $13 billion loss in market capitalization since mid-March, JPMorgan downgraded the retail giant’s stock, according to The Messenger.

Morgan’s analysts said the wave of outrage against the company could linger into the back-to-school shopping and holiday seasons, further damaging Target.

Inside the company, a Target insider told Fox News, “Our teams feel left behind.”

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“The vast majority of our team feels like decisions are being made that impact them. It doesn’t matter which side you’re on — you now feel like people are making decisions without our best interest,” said the “well-placed” insider, who has been with Target for nearly 20 years, according to Fox.

“Because people have made decisions for us that put us in a very difficult position, there are a lot of folks that feel like, ‘Do we belong at Target?’ They question that for the first time in a long time,” the insider said.

Are you done shopping at Target?

Target plunged deeply into LGBT merchandise to gear up for “Pride” month in June, including swimsuits nominally for females made to accommodate male genitalia and products made by a designer who has embraced Satanic themes.

Conservatives pushed back, leading Target to yield by shunting “Pride” displays to less-visible locations or getting rid of some items altogether.

Although Target claimed it acted to protect the safety of employees, the insider told Fox News that message didn’t get through to the folks in the trenches.

“Whether you’re on the right and you felt left behind in the beginning or you felt like you didn’t belong, and now if you’re LGTBQ you also have questions if you’re welcomed anymore. It’s the first time in our company’s history that they question Target’s commitment to that,” the insider said.

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The insider said employees now are sandwiched between groups on both ends of the political spectrum who are angry with the chain, and those groups take it out on employees who had nothing to do with making merchandising decisions.

“It’s both sides now as Pride kicks off, whereas we would have expected it from religious groups and churches; probably now it’s both. There is this uneasiness as we head into Pride. There is uneasiness for sure,” the insider said.

As Target reels, Walmart continues to conduct business as usual, Chief Merchandising Officer Latriece Watkins said, according to Fox Business.

“I think we have merchandise that we sell all year that supports different groups. I’d say in this particular case, we haven’t changed anything in our assortment,” Watkins said.

Walmart CEO Doug McMillon recently told shareholders the corporation does not “wake up in the morning wanting to go and make social and political statements.”

“We’re a retailer. We want everybody to feel comfortable shopping with us … and we want everybody to feel comfortable and excited about working at Walmart,” he said.

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