Teen Who Suffered Traumatic Brain Injury Crowned Homecoming King in Texas


A high school football player who was seriously injured last year was crowned homecoming king.

Local KETK reported that Cooper Reid was cheered as his mother pushed his wheelchair onto the field where he had once played. 

Mandy Love, cheer coach at Troup High School, stated, “It’s been an emotional week leading up till tonight.”

Cooper suffered a major head injury on Sep. 9, 2022, during the Troup High School homecoming game in East Texas, according to local KLTV.

He was left unable to talk and required 24-hour care. 

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KLTV later reported that Cooper was finally able to chew and swallow soft foods after spending five months in the hospital. 

GoFundMe campaign was created for him and has raised over $13,000, but Cooper still needs ongoing treatments. 

The family has credited their faith for Cooper’s recovery and coping with all of the medical stress. 

Cooper’s father, Terry, told CBS19 that part of his son’s recovery has been hosting the First Baptist Church of Troup youth group in their home and relying on their connection to God for guidance. 

He also noted, “I think that because of his injury he has brought a lot of people closer to God.”

Cooper’s best friend, Tucker Howell, stated, “I believe God put Cooper in those shoes to bring us closer to Him.”

Tucker’s mother, Marcia, has also been helping with Cooper’s recovery. “They wanted me to come help and I was an answer to their prayers. I was like, well, you’re an answer to mine,” she said. 

Now, despite a long healing process, Cooper is the homecoming king and is back in school working toward graduating with his friends, per KETK

His mother, Susanne, summed it all up stating, “It just keeps being amazing.” 

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“We are very fortunate to be a part of the community who stands by their people and loves one another and are faithful and kind,” she added. 

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