'The View' Co-Hosts Spar Over Ilhan Omar Claiming Ignorance About Jewish Tropes


The co-hosts of ABC’s “The View” sparred over whether Rep. Ilhan Omar’s (D-Minn.) insistence she did not know about certain tropes should be believed.

House Republicans voted Thursday to remove the Minnesota congresswoman from the foreign affairs committee due to past comments she made that have been deemed anti-Semitic.

On Friday, the co-hosts of “The View” debated whether they should believe Omar when she explained she did not know her comments were tropes.

Co-host Joy Behar began, “She said that she did not know that what she said was construed as anti-Semitic. She did not know that was what they call a trope, a Jewish trope … that people equate money with Jews, for instance. I don’t believe her.”

However, Sunny Hostin disagreed as she said, “I do. I think she’s an immigrant. I think she’s had a different experience.”

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“She’s been here a long time,” Behar interjected.

But Hostin suggested, “I think that’s a trope that’s largely … you hear in this country. So I’m not surprised she didn’t know.”

“Excuse me, that is not a trope that is just here in this country. That is a worldwide trope,” Behar shot back.

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Do you believe Omar?

Hostin noted Omar apologized for her comments.

She went on to claim the decision to strip the congresswoman from her committee assignment was the result of “pure racism.”

Finally, Sara Haines chimed in to point out that while Omar apologized, “She keeps stepping into the same puddle. And so eventually you have to say your actions speak louder than words.”

“Because she does it. A couple years later, she does it again,” Haines added.

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During an appearance on CNN’s “State of the Union” on Sunday, Omar was confronted about her past claim that Israel “has hypnotized the world” and America’s support for it is “all about the Benjamins.”

“When that was brought to my attention, I apologized. I owned up to it,” Omar said. “That’s the kind of person that I am, and I continue to work with my colleagues and my community to fight against anti-Semitism.”

She also said she was “not aware that the word ‘hypnotized’ was a trope.”

“I wasn’t aware of the fact that there are tropes about Jews and money,” she added.

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