Three White Men Plead Not Guilty in Killing of Black Jogger in Georgia

The three white men charged with the murder of a Black jogger in the U.S. state of Georgia pleaded not guilty on Friday in a case that led to a national outcry after a cellphone video of the shooting surfaced on the Internet.

Lawyers for one of the defendants, William “Roddie” Bryan, asked Chatham County Superior Court Judge Timothy Walmsley to release him on bond, but the judge denied the bond, saying he was concerned that Bryan posed a flight risk.

Bryan, 50, shot the video that appeared to show the killing of Ahmaud Arbery, 25, on Feb. 23 just outside the coastal town of Brunswick. He was charged with murder and attempt to illegally detain and confine.

A former police officer, Gregory McMichael, 64, and his son Travis, 34, are charged with murder and aggravated assault.

Police say Gregory McMichael saw Arbery jogging through his neighborhood outside of Brunswick and believed he looked like a burglary suspect. The elder McMichael called his son and the two armed themselves and drove after Arbery.

Bryan joined the chase in his own pickup truck, police say, and took video of the incident on his phone, which appears to show the McMichaels confronting Arbery before the jogger was shot with a shotgun.

Bryan’s attorney, Kevin Gough, told the court his client was not a flight risk and had deep ties in the community. Gough also argued unsuccessfully that Bryan should be released because of concerns over the possibility of catching the novel coronavirus in jail.

No trial date was immediately set.

(Reporting by Rich McKay in Atlanta; editing by Jonathan Oatis)


  1. Dia, for a burglary to occur there must be ‘breaking and entering’ In the case of a house under construction, there was no door on the house. The victim simply walked in, looked around and walked out. Dia, you come across as a real red neck racist.
    If the victim has been white and the murderers had been black, I’m sure you would have another story to tell. Dia, you’re an out and out cock sucking racist. Probably a southerner I suspect. This country will be much better off when you and people like you are six feet under ground.

  2. John, he was not a burglar. He was a jogger that was curious about a house under construction. If he were white, it wouldn’t have been a problem. You sir are one mother phucking cock sucking racist. The United States will be much better off when people like you are six feet under ground.

  3. Sorry, the white guys broke ZERO laws in what they did. Everything they did was in accordance with their state laws. If that requires you to seek a safe space so be it. When you burglarize a residence then attempt to wrestle a firearm away from someone you’re very likely to get shot. Anyone defending this criminal “jogger” is an imbecile.

  4. Barbra, the man was simply curious about a house under construction. I’ve entered many houses under construction since I was a kid. Men like that kind of thing. I should also mention the guy had been out jogging at least (3) times the previous week. Your comments tell me you’re just another mother phucking racist. The United States will be a much better country when people like you are six feet under the ground.

  5. Anyone who watched the video the full video that is knows that Ahmaud Arbery went onto an open construction site looked around and left.
    The part that’s not clear is why in left the property running any who he was confronted by two men one exiting the truck with a shotgun.
    Now, what would you do? I’d do the same as Ahmaud Arbery did in the video then he was shot in the back trying to get away. there is no way this was self-defense and yes they are guilty.

  6. You Caucasian trash n*ggers sure are some vile and nasty barbaric savages.

  7. Screwtape – what are you talking about? BLM has very much so protested for Ahmed Armery. Also, don’t be crass. All anyone wants is justice in accordance the state laws.

  8. “If one of the accused was not a white, retired LEO and the “jogger” were not black, this wouldn’t even be an issue.” Barbara

    BECAUSE one of the accused was a retired WHITE LEO, he almost got away with murder.

    That, to me, is the epitome of racism, Barbara.

  9. In a sense of fitting the crime, these lardy whiteboys should be set to run and hunted down. Feed the carcasses to the needy and don’t allow the calories to go to waste.

    Wouldn’t that make everyone feel better or angrier?

  10. Julie, have you seen all the videos or just what the media wants you to see. I am tired of this man being represented as a jogger when he clearly wasn’t. He was casing a house and when he got caught, he took off running. That’s about as close to jogging that he came. Everything those men did to detain him was completely within the laws of the state. It was this “jogger’s” attempt to take the gun that led to the fight that ended up with him being shot. If one of the accused was not a white, retired LEO and the “jogger” were not black, this wouldn’t even be an issue. That, to me, is the epitome of racism.

  11. Um, it’s on video. How can they plead not guilty? Not guilty by reason of racism? Is that a thing?

  12. Phoenix: SOME of this nation will watch because they care. The ones who don’t will shake their heads and say, “You dummies! You got caught on video!”

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