Tipped Off by Woman's Grotesque Realization, Review of McDonald's Security Tapes Ends in Employee Arrest


Be careful when you have a confrontation with a fast food worker. The consequences could be disgusting — and criminal.

According to a report from KLAS-TV in Las Vegas, a McDonald’s worker has been arrested for spitting into someone’s iced coffee nearly two years after the incident happened.

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According to police, a woman ordered food at a drive-thru in Las Vegas — fries, a shake and an iced coffee — in December 2020, and began having trouble with McDonald’s employee Felicia O’Neal, 50.

The arrest warrant said “the employee became rude and [the customer] asked to talk to her supervisor.”

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“[The customer] said that she received her fries and shake right away, but the iced coffee took a bit longer, which she thought was unusual,” the warrant read.

“After a bit, [the customer] said a black female, who could have been the person she initially had the problem with, brought her iced coffee.”

Police said O’Neal handed the coffee to her and proceeded to slam the drive-thru window.

The customer brought her meal home but noticed things were amiss when something strange came up through the iced coffee straw.

For the squeamish, now might be the time to skip down a few paragraphs or check the weather outside. Lovely summer day, isn’t it?

For the rest of us still here: According to the warrant, the customer said she “sucked up mucus with the straw” and then noticed spit in the bottom of the drink.

When she called the McDonald’s to complain, the manager said “she was too busy to check the cameras at that time and she was sure that [the customer] was mistaken as an employee wouldn’t be stupid enough to do that with cameras everywhere.”

Spoiler alert: According to police, Felicia O’Neal was indeed that stupid.

That revelation came to light after the customer tested positive for COVID-19 several days later. There’s no evidence SARS-CoV-2 can be transmitted through food or mucus, mind you; stomach acids destroy the virus.

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However, this is when O’Neal got McDonald’s insurance company involved, according to the Las Vegas Review-Journal — and that led to the revelation that, yes, cameras allegedly showed O’Neal doing exactly what the manager said she wouldn’t do.

“In approximately mid-January [the customer] was informed by … American Family Insurance that the employee was caught on camera spitting in [her] drink and then also admitted to spitting in her drink,” police said.

According to the warrant, the video shows O’Neal “walking from the drive-through window area, towards the front counter, and as she is walking, she pulls her mask down from over her mouth and spits into the plastic cup.”

“Felicia is then seen walking to the ice machine and filling the cup up with ice and what appears to be coffee,” police said.

The incident was reported to law enforcement in March 2021.

While a warrant was issued for her arrest in July 2021 on a charge of adulterating food, bringing coffee-spitters to justice apparently isn’t high on law enforcement’s to-do list out in the city of sin, since it wasn’t until two weeks ago, on July 4, when an officer pulled O’Neal over for having her headlights off and she got hauled in.

The arresting officer noticed the outstanding warrant while processing O’Neal’s traffic violation.

“O’Neal’s bail was set at $5,000. She had bonded out of the Clark County Detention Center as of Tuesday,” KLAS reported.

Such stories generally can be filed under “urban legend.” If I had $5 for every high school classmate who worked at Burger King and bragged about taking some kind of revenge like this on a truculent customer, I could buy a decent used car. If I had $10 for every time that story was a gross braggart’s lie, I could buy three of them.

The reason is simple: Most people aren’t willing to risk a criminal record or a permanent black mark on their resumé to carry out a repellent fast-food revenge fantasy, no matter how young or stupid they may be.

O’Neal, however, is 50 — and according to court documents, she actually went through with the sick, juvenile stunt so many idiot teenagers falsely brag about.

If the video really proves what police say it does, she’s in a world of trouble.

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