Tomi Lahren Calls Out the Hypocrisy of Democrats' Immigration Ideals


Political commentator Tomi Lahren criticized Democrats, saying there is hypocrisy regarding illegal immigration.

During an appearance on “Fox & Friends First” Tuesday, the “OutKick” host began by taking Democrats to task for supporting sanctuary towns, while saying they have no strategy to cope with the inflow of migrants.

One specific issue brought forward by Lahren was the seeming contradiction of Rep. Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez (D-N.Y.) objecting to New York City Mayor Eric Adams’s (D) plan to build a migrant center in her district of the Bronx.

Ocasio-Cortez said, “I think we can get to a place with a better solution here,” when “asked about the tent facilities being built in the Bronx’s Orchard Beach,” according to the New York Daily News‘ report.

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During the Tuesday interview, Lahren began her comments about Democrats’ objection to various solutions for migrants saying, “I think it’s quite obvious that Democrats love the idea of illegal immigrants.

“They love the idea of them being in the shadows, but when they’re actually confronted with it, and they have to explain it to their constituents, why their shelters and their cities and their communities are being overrun, then suddenly want to make the problem go away,” Lahren went on.

The conservative commentator called out the actions of high-profile members of the Democrat Party saying, “They try to tout what they do as solving a humanitarian crisis. I agree with them. There is a humanitarian crisis going on and a lot of it’s going on at our southern border where these migrants, these illegal immigrants are coming in.”

She continued:

“Maybe we are getting to the point… where Democrats are finally going to start looking at the Biden administration, and they’re going to say we need an actual solution because we’re being inundated, we are being overrun, the border cities and states are being inundated, and now these sanctuary cities are being inundated. Everything sounds good on paper and in a tweet until you have to deal with it in real life.”

Lahren specifically targeted Ocasio-Cortez when she said, “AOC is finding that out. These Democrat mayors are finding it out, and I hope to goodness pretty soon the Biden administration is going to find that one out too.”

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