Total Anarchy Erupts After Street Takeover in Los Angeles, Mob Loots 7-Eleven


On Monday, a mob conducted a “street takeover” in Los Angeles and then robbed a convenience store.

At around 12:40 a.m., a group of motorists blocked traffic so that other drivers could do donuts in an intersection, according to a Los Angeles Police Department news release.

Spectators then proceeded to loot a nearby 7-Eleven.

“They violently and unabashedly helped themselves to snacks, smokes, refreshing beverages, lottery tickets, and more,” Los Angeles magazine reported.

“Naturally, the store was also vandalized, while looters pelted the lone employee with goods. The employee said he feared for his life.”

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Security footage of the shocking scene was released Thursday and has been circulating online.

“It turns into an angry, somewhat mob mentality. They come inside the store, they start ransacking the place, taking everything, whatever they can,” LAPD Detective Ryan Moreno said during a Thursday news conference, according to KTLA-TV.

The looters left the store and dispersed before police arrived, according to the LAPD news release.

Should store owners be able to respond to looters with force?

Officers obtained surveillance video of the incident to “identify and … arrest the individuals involved,” the department added.

Moreno said there was another street takeover in LA the same night.

“There were people on the freeway that were trying really to get to places they had to go. Some had family emergencies and they’re just sitting there stuck so these guys can do their thing,” Moreno said. “People are getting really tired of this.”

The detective said the police department has “zero tolerance” for anyone involved in a street takeover.

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