Trump Knocks Bloomberg’s Debating Skills and Poll Numbers

President Donald Trump mocked 2020 Democratic presidential contender Michael Bloomberg for not qualifying to be in the primary debates.

On Friday morning, Trump claimed on Twitter that Bloomberg does not want to be on the debate stage because “he is a terrible debater,” and said it would hurt his support. 

“Mini Mike Bloomberg doesn’t get on the Democrat Debate Stage because he doesn’t want to – he is a terrible debater and speaker. If he did, he would go down in the polls even more (if that is possible!).”

Bloomberg responded to Trump’s attack, noting that he does not qualify for the debates because he self funds his campaign

Along with polling requirements, the Democratic National Committee has specific fundraising criteria candidates must meet to qualify for the debates.

Bloomberg also managed to slip in a slight against Trump, “I’ve never taken a penny in contributions from anyone. Not even a ‘very small loan’ of a million dollars.”

Trump’s tweet comes as it appears Bloomberg’s campaign is gaining some traction. 

A Real Clear Politics average of national polls shows him with at 6.6%, less than a percent away from former South Bend Mayor Pete Buttigieg, who is in fourth place at 7.2%. 

A recent poll also found that Bloomberg is one of the Democratic candidates who would fair the best against Trump in Michigan, beating him 47% to 41%. Former Vice President Joe Biden did slightly better, beating Trump 50% to 43%. 

Another poll, released earlier this month, found Bloomberg tied with Sen. Elizabeth Warren (D-Mass.) for third-place. 

Since he began his campaign, he has dropped $217 million of his fortune on television and digital advertising mostly in states that hold primaries on Super Tuesday, The Wall Street Journal reports.

And it appears his strategy may be paying off, though it is still too early to tell how much all that advertising will help or if he will be able to make up lost ground from his late entrance.

Bloomberg joined the race in November and has been outpolling several candidates who had been campaigning for months before his entrance.


  1. $217 billion is chump change for Mini-Mike compared to the money he makes with his China interests! He doesn’t like President Trump sh!tting in his Chinese picnic basket!

    Mini-Mike is so in bed with Xi Jinping that they’re expecting little We SukMikesDong to be delivered any day now! He’ll be delivered anally rather than vaginally.

  2. >Always Confused<

    "The DemocRAT Party is not Communist?" WHY then is the Iowa Anarco-Communist in charge of the Bernie Sanders campaign -Kyle Jurek – stating in no unclear terms – on a Project Veritas VIDEO – that Bernie Sanders IS A COMMUNIST while masquerading as a DemocRAT? Wake up. Pay attention to the FACTS your Fascist elitists won't tell you.

  3. I don’t believe a single word Marxist Mike Blowboys says about his candidacy. Yeah I tried to find the most insulting nick name I could think of for antigun, nanny state, wannabe Californian Bloomberg, who owns his own media corporation and restricts it from any negative stories about himself or other Social Democrats, but will allow any story, most fake news about President Trump. And if Bloomberg never had to take a loan in his life, then he was either born with a silver rod up his ass or he managed to screw over anyone he had a financial dealing with and did them wrong. Piss on this asswipe. Anyone remember he sent undercover NYPD detectives to Virginia when he was just the Mayor of NYC to break Virginia laws? He sent them down there to try to buy guns illegally at gun shows and stores so show how easy it was, I don’t remember it being successful. And we can see how that attempt to purchase guns to sell to criminals worked out for the Obama administration with “:Fast and Furious”. Several hundred guns south of the border, lost in the confusion, hundreds of innocent Mexicans killed and a US Border Agent. No one held accountable. Well now we have an idea where they might have come up with that plan, from Mikey B.

  4. Ex-Mayor Bloomers is sure bombarding us here in North Florida with his BS messages. No television channel is safe from broadcasting how he plans to destroy the economy; especially with his version of the asinine Medicare for All pipe dream. He hasn’t said anything yet about putting the sugar industry out of business to save us from ourselves.

  5. Join the discussion…Actually tommy butt, that is where you and your communist party will be after the next 1776.

    1. I am confused as to just who “tommy butt” is, but if you think Bloomberg (or the Democratic Party) is communist in ANY way, you are off your rocker.

  6. Very curious why isn’t Bloomberg at these very dull debates? Maybe his debating skills aren’t up to snuff. Certainly they would be far better than Joe Pro Quo’s right?

    1. LOL…Read the articles, James. In order to qualify for the Democrat debates a candidate needed at least 5% in 4 national polls—that he had. His January average was 6.6%. He is self-funding, so as explained in Bloomberg’s tweet, he will not be competing for the other requirement which was donations from 225,000 people.

    1. The only thing when it comes to Trump hands down is that he belongs down six feet under ground soon.

      1. Join the discussion…Actually tommy butt, that is where you and your communist party will be after the next 1776.

  7. An interesting difference in strategy. Two billionaires. One clearly trying to buy an election. The other relies on direct interactive communication with the American People and won the last election despite being significantly outspent.

  8. Perhaps there is some truth to the adage that money can’t buy you love or the presidency. Having seen his ads wouldn’t say they are worth $217 million. Even Judge Judy can’t help him.

  9. Bloomberg is already taking the bait and falling into Trumps trap. Trump’s got him right where he wants him.

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