Trump Calls Impeachment Trial ‘Very Boring,’ Has Confidence in GOP Senators for Acquittal

President Donald Trump is confident he has the support of enough Republican lawmakers to acquit him in the Senate impeachment trial.

In an exclusive Fox News interview, the president noted that he watched “a little bit” of Thursday’s impeachment trial — where senators asked the impeachment teams questions — and offered his view of it.

“It’s very boring to watch,” Trump said, adding, “I have to say that it’s very boring.”

Trump continued to explain that he calls it the “impeachment hoax,” a term he has used before. He added, “It should have never taken place.”

Expressing confidence in his acquittal in the Senate, he said, “I have great confidence in Republican senators and probably some Democrats, from what I understand.”

Asked if he has any concern about a vote for removal in the Senate, Trump said he “shouldn’t be in this position” because “we’ve done more than any other president in the first three years.”

“It’s a ridiculous, horrible partisan situation. […] But I have great confidence in the Republicans and the Republican Senate, and I know they are going to be fair.”

Watch Trump’s interview below:

The impeachment trial is seemingly drawing to a near end, as senators will cast their vote on Friday on whether or not to call new witnesses and evidence. The House Democratic impeachment managers have been prosecuting Trump on two articles of impeachment — obstruction of Congress and abuse of power — although Trump has denied wrongdoing.

Senate Democrats would like to hear from witnesses, though it’s unclear if they have enough Republican votes to do so. As IJR reported, a swing vote Republican, Sen. Lamar Alexander (R-Tenn.), said on Thursday that he will vote against calling witnesses.

Depending on how the vote goes for or against calling witnesses, a final vote could be expected either Friday or Saturday.


  1. It WAS boring. Mostly the 22+ hours of repetitive lying and historionics from the Dimcocrats.
    I’m glad I listened to the *ahem* highlights.

    I’m glad the president’s team kept it short and sweet. If your message is true, then you need not hammer it. Remember the Dims 22+ hours.

  2. Over and over and over with the same whining, fabrications and demands. Of course, it was boring. What little bit I watched was a real snooze fest. But fortunately President Trump just keeps motoring along during what he was elected to do.

  3. This was a boring “trial’; somewhat like watching paint dry. I fell asleep the second day of questioning (must have been when Schiff-face was lying – again).

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