Trump Calls Michelle Obama’s Democratic National Convention Speech ‘Extremely Divisive’

President Donald Trump criticized former First Lady Michelle Obama’s Democratic National Convention speech as he announced his decision to posthumously pardon suffragist Susan B. Anthony.

On Tuesday morning, the president spoke at a White House event for the 100th anniversary of women’s suffrage where he took aim at Obama for her virtual speech.

According to Trump, the speech was taped “a long time ago” because the number of coronavirus-related deaths she cited was lower than the current statistic.

“She was over her head, and frankly, she should’ve made the speech live, which she didn’t do,” Trump said. “She taped it. … It was taped a long time ago because she had the wrong deaths. She didn’t even mention the vice-presidential candidate in the speech.”

The president went on to describe Obama’s speech as “extremely divisive.”

“She gets these fawning reviews. If you gave a real review it wouldn’t be so fawning,” Trump added. “I thought it was a very divisive speech. Extremely divisive.”

See Trump’s remarks below:

The president’s criticism of Obama comes just hours after her speech aired during the Democratic National Convention on Monday evening. The former first lady scrutinized the Trump administration’s pandemic response and overall leadership.

Trump’s critical remarks of Obama’s speech have resulted in Twitter users pointing out the fact he clarified the COVID-19 death count actually reflects poorly on him.

Viewers noted how alarming it is that more than 20,000 additional Americans have died from the coronavirus within the short time span between last night when Obama’s speech aired and when it was recorded in July.

See the reactions below:

With the reopening of states over the summer, 40 out of 50 states previously faced significant upticks in coronavirus cases. Subsequently, the death toll has also risen to an average of approximately 939 deaths per day.

As of Tuesday morning, there are more than 5,614,000 confirmed coronavirus cases in the United States. The death toll has now surpassed more than 173,000.


  1. “So says the wife of the most divisive President in US history.” Lying Paul The Emeffer

    Yeah, because she & he are both black.
    You are so transparent.

  2. Michelle and Barrack Osama have always been divisive. They want to start a race war. All their actions point to typical race card politics that attempt to put them in a better light with liberals leftists who believe what they say.

  3. I am confused.

    Will King Donald That Loser claim the same outrage when Queen Melania recites the same speech at the American Fascist convention?

  4. Ahhh…..CHOO CHOO. It must be so tiring having to defend the POS in the WH And it just got a whole lot harder what with the Republican led Senate’s investigation findings that there was collusion with the Russians and Wikileaks. I always knew the Russians had something on him. Perhaps the golden showers, huh? It’ll all come out very soon. The nauseating part is you trumpturds will still support him all the way to prison. Maybe they’ll let you visit him. 😉😉

  5. Let me loosen the straps for those of you whom believe Obama is a divider and Trump is a savior of this country making it great again because I believe you are committed.

  6. I can understand how, if one thought that white people should always be taken care of before black people should get any attention, that one could believe Obama was a divider.

  7. Jayjay
    Of course you especially commented on the young girl talking about the death of her father. Only a pathetic politician would use something like that that “struck you”. Having a heartbeat is questionable in this case. My first thought was I wonder if it’s true and how much she was paid. The snarky remark was what prompted my skepticism.

  8. Death rate of 0.03…now, how many deaths were double-counted; how many of persons who died WITH the Chinese Virus as opposed to died OF the Chinese Virus? What role did the increased government payments to medical facilities if the patient had the Chinese Virus as opposed to other death causes? What is the average daily death rate in the U. S.? How many people died of the flu this year?
    Seems to e that, although the Chinese Virus is real and deadly, it is being blown out of proportion…maybe because it’s an election year – ya think?

  9. Looks like the bat s**t crazies are out with their equally ridiculous praise from Michelle Obama. He’s correct that the farce was not taped recently. Since was not singing the praises of camala Harris. All she did was slam President Trump in her best wispy voice. After 5 minutes I changed the channel. It was just what I expected it to be. Worthless.

  10. Michael Obama will get respect from me when he steps up and finally comes out for what he truly is. A man dressing up as a woman. In this day and age there is not shame in that. I fully support the LBGQT community. It is when you hide the truth and lie about it that the issues start.

    Michael is so anti American in his beliefs. He has even went so far as to admit his hatred for this country and the people in it. Time to come out of that closet Michael and bring your hubby with you.

  11. Michelle mentioning number of deaths and Trump correcting her is classic. He proved her point.

  12. A live Jerry Lewis telethon had more suspense than last night’s opening convention night. (Does anybody remember Charro dancing in a tube top? I believe that was 1977.) However, Michelle’s speech was a zinger, and I’m sure it stung Donald. Actually, Michelle is such an accomplished speaker that you’d have trouble telling the difference between a live performance and a pre-recorded, edited version.

  13. GENERAL, I agree with some of your thoughts but pre-recorded or not, the speech by that young girl who lost her Dad to covid really struck me along with just about anyone who has a heartbeat. I’ll never forget her saying that her Dad had a preexisting condition and that was tRump.

  14. “she should’ve made the speech live” King Donald The Loser

    For once, I agree with him, but the DNC would NEVER risk having any Emmy performances, from anybody.

    The party could have proven to the nation’s voters that their members and supporters were actually human, that voters could empathize with the party and nominee, but, no. They had to carefully control the content, to make sure NOTHING progressive got “out there”.

    What they ended up with was pretty boring and empty, just like the DNC and most party members. Klobuchar said a few mom jokes. American Fascist Party members were there saying “don’t forget US”, too! Where was the fire needed to get more Democratic voters out, to support them?

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